Centrify Solutions

Centrify Your IT

Leverage Active Directory or the Cloud to Centrally Manage Data Center, Cloud and Mobile

Centrify understands the pressure on IT organizations to optimize costs while enforcing controls and demonstrating compliance. IT managers know that fractured identity silos across their data center systems, cloud and mobile environments is a major barrier to efficient operations and security. With Centrify’s unified identity architecture, IT operations and security staff can eliminate fractured identity and policy silos by consolidating UNIX and Linux identities and privileges into Active Directory. The same Active Directory-centric approach makes centralized management of Macs and mobile devices easy while giving users the one login they want. Centrify goes well beyond “Active Directory Bridging” products by providing an integrated solution for identity consolidation, authentication, single sign-on, Group Policy enforcement on non-Windows systems, and mobile security management.

Identity Management

Active Directory Bridging

Consolidate disparate UNIX and Linux identity stores into Active Directory to streamline operations and enforce separation of duties

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)

Solve password sprawl and secure users accessing cloud and mobile apps using a 100% cloud-based solution from Centrify

SaaS Management

Industry's first unified identity solution for secure enablement of enterprise mobile, SaaS and BYOD environments

End-Point Management

Mobile and BYOD Management

Centrify enables IT to fully embrace BYOD initiatives by including integrated mobile security management in all editions of the Centrify User Suite

SSO & EMM for Samsung KNOX

In partnership with Samsung, Centrify delivers an enterprise-class solution for integrating mobile identity management with KNOX device and app management

Mac OS Management

Use familiar Windows-based tools and processes to apply consistent access, configuration and security policies across your Mac OS X desktops