Centrify Your IT

Active Directory Bridging

Consolidate disparate UNIX and Linux identity stores into Active Directory to streamline operations and enforce separation of duties

Within the Windows environment, Active Directory provides a single, central point of administration. Within Linux and UNIX environments, user identities may reside in multiple identity silos, including NIS, LDAP servers, and locally managed configuration files. The BYOD revolution, and the move to cloud-based SaaS apps, is resulting in even more identity stores.

Centrify simplifies and unifies your IT infrastructure by centralizing identity and access management for non-Windows systems, devices and applications within Microsoft Active Directory. The Centrify Server Suite enables you to:

Identity Consolidation

Consolidate all identity stores in Active Directory, enabling you to streamline IT processes, standardize on a single set of Active Directory tools, and eliminate the security risks posed by orphan accounts

Replace NIS with Active Directory

A fault-tolerant LDAP database that seamlessly integrates Kerberos-based authentication — to enhance security while simplifying your environment

Single Sign-On

Provide end-users with single sign-on for all of their computers, devices and applications

Security and Configuration Policy Management

Enforce consistent security and configuration policies across heterogeneous systems

Separation of Duties

Enforce separation of duties by using Centrify’s unique Zone-based access controls to define logical sets of systems that have their own authorized users, administrators, and security policies

Super-user Privileged Management

Limit superuser privileges to just the set of commands they need to perform their jobs

Compliance Reporting

Associate all access rights and privileges to individual Active Directory accounts, enabling compliance reporting on who has access to what systems