JumpStart Professional Services Packages

Centrify Server Suite 2013 makes it easier and faster than ever to deploy, migrate and centralize identities across UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X systems into Microsoft Active Directory. In order to quickly bring organizations up-to-speed with Centrify Server Suite capabilities and build internal expertise for on-going support and management Centrify offers a variety of JumpStart, Training and Design packages to fit the needs of large, medium and small firms. Centrify offers several JumpStart packages that combine onsite deployment and onsite or online training to meet the specific needs of our customers.

All JumpStart packages provide the following benefits:

  • Achieve 20-50% faster time-to-production
  • Gain hands-on experience deploying the Centrify solution
  • Reduced management overhead
  • A consistent, supportable implementation based on your existing business practices
  • Reduced troubleshooting complexity
  • Proven methodology with 96% customer satisfaction rate

Available Centrify JumpStart Offerings

JumpStart Package Days (Deploy/Train) Number of systems deployed Intended for environments with no more than... Data Sheet
Centrify Server Suite Basic
  • 5 days onsite pilot deployment
  • 1/2+ day online training
20 systems 100 UNIX or Linux systems
Centrify Server Suite Standard
  • 7 days onsite pilot deployment
  • 3 days onsite training
25 systems 250 UNIX or Linux systems
Centrify Server Suite Professional
  • 7 days design
  • 5 days onsite pilot deployment
  • 3 days onsite training
50 systems 500 UNIX or Linux systems
Centrify Server Suite Upgrade
  • 1 day onsite design/planning
  • 4 days onsite deployment
50 systems 500 UNIX or Linux systems
Centrify DirectAudit
  • Up to 5 days onsite pilot deployment
  • 1 day onsite training
10 systems (no more than 2 different UNIX or Windows platforms) 500 Windows, UNIX or Linux systems
Centrify Server Suite
Mac OS X
  • 4 days onsite pilot deployment
  • 1/4-day online training
10 systems 500 Mac OS X systems
JumpStart Package Days (Deploy/Train) Centrify Products Intended for... Data Sheet
Centrify User Suite
Mobile and SaaS
  • 1 day remote training
Centrify User Suite for SaaS and Centrify User Suite for Mobile Customers with 1-10,000 employees

Centrify Professional Services Design Offering

Organizations that require design assistance when deploying Centrify Server Suite can leverage the combined experience of our professional services team. Centrify professional services has the expertise and documented best practices to support your architecture, optimize Zone organization; and speed deployment, configuration and migration.

In addition to the benefits above, the Centrify Design offering provides:

  • A design consistent with best practices and Centrify's extensive customer experience
  • Identification and risk analysis of potential conflicts, and providing a risk mitigation plan for environmental integration
  • Optimal number and organization of Zones based on your security and technology requirements

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