Free Cloud-Based Single Sign-On for SaaS Apps

Centrify Express for SaaS is a free version of our easy-to-deploy service that delivers single sign-on to cloud-based apps while letting IT centrally control access using Active Directory

Centrify Express for SaaS is yours to use for free, for as long as you wish, for up to three applications. For the first 30 days, you will have access to all product features. After 30 days, you can continue to use the service in Express mode, or you can request an upgrade to the full-featured Centrify for SaaS, which includes enterprise support.

What You Get by Upgrading

Centrify Express for SaaS is useful for small organizations that need single sign-on to a limited number of SaaS applications. If you are using more then three cloud-based apps, or you need advanced authentication or policy features, upgrading to the Centrify User Suite, SaaS Edition, will unlock these advanced features and entitle you guaranteed Technical Support service levels.

Technical Support Free Versions Paid Versions
Service Levels Community Standard (9x5) live support.
Premium (24x7x365) optional.
Product Features Free Features Paid Features
Centrify for SaaS Single sign-on for SaaS and mobile applications Up to 3 apps Unlimited apps
Cloud- or Active Directory-based authentication and administration Supported Supported
User self-service Supported Supported
Multifactor authentication Supported Supported
Per app authorization policy Supported Supported
User provisioning for select apps Supported Supported
Advanced reporting Supported Supported
Custom branding for admin and user portals Supported Supported