Secure, Active Directory-Based Single Sign-On for Linux & UNIX Remote Access Tools

Centrify-enabled versions of popular open source tools such as OpenSSH and PuTTY, plus application notes for tools from Attachmate and others, speed implementation and enhance the efficiency of your Centrify deployment

While Centrify DirectControl enables organizations to secure and manage their UNIX and Linux systems using the Active Directory tools currently deployed for their Windows systems, Centrify also recognizes that system administrators employ a variety of Linux & UNIX tools for day-to-day operations. In particular, IT managers rely heavily on remote access solutions, including open source tools and offerings from commercial providers, to access the systems they need to manage. Centrify helps IT managers more easily and securely manage their environment by providing Centrify-enabled versions of popular open source tools and publishing application notes showing how to integrate other third-party products.

Centrify-Enabled OpenSSH, PuTTY and Kerberos Tools

Centrify provides packaged and tested versions of these popular open source tools that have been recompiled to deliver single sign-on out-of-the-box to Centrify-managed systems. These programs have been enhanced to provide secure, Kerberized remote access to Linux and UNIX systems, and the Centrify Suite includes Group Policies that can be used to configure these applications. These solutions are included in all editions of the Centrify Suite and include documentation.

Application Notes for Third-Party Products

For commercial products from vendors such as Attachmate, Hummingbird and SSH, Centrify provides application notes that explain how to configure those tools and DirectControl for silent authentication to remote systems. Application notes are available for: