Introducing Centrify Express

Introducing Centrify Express

Centrify Express is Centrify's free solution for Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on to cross-platform systems. This chalktalk introduces the Centrify Suite's basic components, their features, and what makes them unique among other Active Directory integration solutions.

Running Time: 17:03 minutes


Corey Williams, Director, Product Management


Frank Cabri, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Topics Covered

  • DirectControl Express and its ability to join non-Windows systems to Active Directory
  • DirectManage Express and its ability to automate the deployment of DirectControl Express throughout your network
  • How Centrify Express compares to operating system vendor plugins and other integration toolkits
  • How Centrify Express users can get peer support and other resources through the Centrify Community forums
  • How to choose between Centrify Express and other editions of the Centrify Suite