Centrify Suite Integration with Provisioning Systems

Using Centrify DirectControl with identity management and provisioning systems

Centrify Software Development Kit (SDK)

Because Centrify DirectControl enables Active Directory to become the central identity repository and directory for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS systems, it is important to allow Windows and UNIX IT staff to easily manage and provision the UNIX identity information that is now stored within Active Directory. To meet this need, Centrify offers the Centrify DirectControl Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable developers to manage UNIX user data, including user, group and NIS map data.

Integrating Centrify DirectControl with Identity Management Systems

When evaluating enterprise software solutions, IT organizations that have invested in Identity Management Systems must carefully examine the ease with which the new software can be integrated. Centrify DirectControl complements Identity Management Systems, and readily integrates with both Agent-based and Agentless architectures. Using DirectControl reduces the provisioning complexity associated with databases and web servers, and Centrify's patented Zone technology simplifies management of UNIX, Linux and Mac computers.

Centrify's "Integrating Centrify DirectControl with Identity Management Systems" white paper provides specific examples of how to integrate Centrify DirectControl with commercial off-the-shelf Identity Management Systems. It demonstrates how to handle common Identity Management events and discusses how DirectControl can simplify provisioning tasks and strengthen security when used in an environment that includes LDAP-based systems, databases, and portal servers.

Using Centrify DirectControl with Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS)

MIIS provides a robust, rules-based identity provisioning and synchronization service that can be used to automate the account creation, management and removal process for new employees. Customers using DirectControl for user authentication on non-Windows systems will want to integrate DirectControl into MIIS so that a user can be provisioned automatically for access to all systems and applications throughout the environment.

DirectControl Extensions for MIIS provides a Management Agent that enables MIIS to programmatically provision a user's UNIX identity within a DirectControl Zone, which is stored within Active Directory. DirectControl will auto-create a user's home directory on first login, which enables centralized account management and access control without having to connect to the remote UNIX system prior to user login. By combining MIIS with DirectControl, you can automate the provisioning of a user's access to Windows and UNIX systems as well as provide a secure environment in which the user will have only one account, one password, one place to manage their password, enforce a common AD based password policy and in most cases provide single sign-on access to these UNIX systems. The DirectControl Extension for MIIS is licensed as part of the DirectControl SDK. It is available to customers and those evaluating DirectControl who have a login account for the Centrify Download Center.

Using Centrify DirectControl Extensions for Quest ActiveRoles Server

Quest ActiveRoles Server supports provisioning and administration of Active Directory accounts and other resources such as Exchange mailboxes and home directories.

DirectControl Extensions for Quest ActiveRoles Server provides the required interface extensions to enable ActiveRoles Server to properly manage access permissions, delegation and audit trails for UNIX profiles that are managed within Active Directory. The extension fully supports users who may have multiple UNIX profiles defined for different Zones of UNIX computers. By integrating DirectControl with ActiveRoles Server, you extend its management functions to include UNIX, Linux and Mac platforms. The DirectControl Extension for Quest ActiveRoles Server is licensed as part of the DirectControl SDK. It is available to customers and those evaluating DirectControl who have a login account for the Centrify Download Center.