Centrify for HP-UX

HP-UX Integration with Active Directory


This mature proprietary UNIX variant is developed, distributed and supported by Hewlett Packard. Based on System V it runs on HP’s PA-RISC architecture as well as Intel’s Itanium platform. 

The Centrify Server Suite centrally secures and manages HP-UX systems — along with 450 other versions of Windows, Linux and UNIX — by integrating them with your existing Microsoft Active Directory services. With the Centrify Server Suite you can:

  • Gain visibility into identity-related risks and mitigate internal threats. Automated discovery of violations of identity and access management best practices, and simplified privileged access management and auditing link all privileged activity back to an individual.
  • Streamline regulatory compliance across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. A single, unified identity architecture enables enterprise-wide session auditing and compliance reporting while enforcing a least-privilege security model.
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity. A single, integrated solution for unified identity, privileged access management, and activity auditing leverages your existing investments in identity infrastructure, versus deploying a myriad of single purpose and platform specific products.

Built on a single architecture, the Centrify Server Suite has been chosen by over 5,000 enterprise customers worldwide for its quick-to-deploy, easy-to-manage next-generation technology. The Centrify Server Suite is packaged in several editions to suit your needs.