Centrify Server Suite, Platinum Edition

DirectAccess Integration

Windows 7 and DirectAccess allow mobile workers to connect seamlessly and securely to their corporate network any time they have network access. DirectAccess can be extended to participate in what Microsoft refers to as server and domain isolation (SDI) environments by participating in the end-to-end (versus just end-to-edge) IPsec authentication and encryption of network traffic.

Centrify Server Suite, Platinum Edition, allows UNIX and Linux servers to seamlessly participate in a DirectAccess server and domain isolation environment. Centrify Server Suite, Platinum Edition’s DirectSecure component extends this architecture, which provides the ability to join a non-Microsoft system to Active Directory, thereby facilitating the ability for a Linux or UNIX system to obtain a Kerberos ticket or, with the DirectSecure feature set installed, to obtain a PKI certificate. Centrify Server Suite also provides the cross-platform Group Policy engine that the DirectSecure feature set leverages to apply end-point authentication policies, configure the IPsec stack, and control which users can log in to which groups of Linux and UNIX systems.