Centrify Server Suite, Platinum Edition

Dynamically Segment and Isolate Cross-Platform Systems

Leverage your existing Active Directory infrastructure to secure access to sensitive information in mixed Windows, Linux and UNIX environments

Centrify Server Suite, Platinum Edition, includes the DirectSecure component, which is a policy-based software solution that secures sensitive information by dynamically isolating and protecting cross-platform systems and enabling optional end-to-end encryption of data in motion. By leveraging your existing Active Directory infrastructure and the native IPsec support built into today's operating systems, the DirectSecure feature set seamlessly blocks untrusted systems from communicating with trusted systems, and does so without the need to change your network or applications. The net result is improved adherence to regulatory compliance initiatives as well an additional layer of policy-driven protection against network attacks for mixed Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments, and prevention of unauthorized access to trusted computing resources and data.