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Centrify and Samsung

Centrify and Samsung are collaborating to provide key enabling technology for Samsung KNOX — a next generation Android-based enterprise mobile solution

Samsung KNOX

"The OEM and marketing partnership between Samsung and Centrify embeds Centrify's Active Directory-based mobile security and cloud identity technology on millions of Samsung Android devices. Samsung selected Centrify because they are experts in integrating Active Directory with data center, cloud and mobile resources, and also because they uniquely deliver both mobile authentication and AD-based policy management of virtual containers in a single solution. The end result of this partnership between Samsung and Centrify is that consumers not only get the right mobile solution for work and play and the productivity gains of having 1-click sign-on to their enterprise apps, but enterprise IT also leverages existing tools and skillsets to securely manage users' work containers while knowing there is a clean separation of enterprise and personal data."

Dr. Injong Rhee
Senior Vice President, Global B2B Strategy and R&D, Samsung Mobile

"We are excited to partner with Samsung on our shared vision of enterprise-class mobility and an application ecosystem that will improve security initiatives and increase workforce productivity for millions of enterprise employees. Samsung's selection of Centrify validates our unique approach of delivering comprehensive SSO, mobile authentication and mobile container management services in a single solution. We look forward to a long-standing relationship with Samsung where its global customer base can benefit from the mobile security and role-based policy management that Centrify delivers through our nearly 10 years of experience."

Tom Kemp
CEO, Centrify Corporation

Samsung Chooses to Partner With Centrify

The Centrify team describes what it means for customers and their users.

Samsung's KNOX shows the company's commitment to providing the most comprehensive and secure mobile solution for consumer and business users. For enterprises, that means Samsung KNOX provides enhanced security at all levels of the Android platform, including confidentiality of enterprise data, authentication and authorization of mobile users, as well as simple and flexible management of mobile devices and containers.

Since businesses want an enterprise mobility solution that can seamlessly integrate with their existing IT infrastructure, Samsung decided to partner with Centrify to uniquely deliver both Microsoft Active Directory-based native mobile app authentication and policy management of KNOX containers and mobile devices in a single solution.

How Centrify Provides Value to Samsung KNOX

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Through an OEM software license and marketing agreement, Centrify enables multi-application SSO for mobile and web apps inside KNOX containers and Group Policy-based management of Samsung's new KNOX platform and devices. In addition, Centrify for Samsung KNOX delivers Active Directory-based single sign-on, mobile container management and device management for Samsung KNOX-enabled devices and is available as a standard feature with the KNOX platform.

The end result of this partnership between Samsung and Centrify is that end-users not only get the right mobile solution for work and play and the productivity gains of having one-click sign-on (aka "Zero Sign-On") to their enterprise apps, but IT also gets to leverage existing tools and skillsets to securely manage users' devices and work containers while knowing there is a clean separation of enterprise and personal data.

App ISVs benefit from SAFE Single Sign-On SDK

Centrify is unique with its "mobile first approach" in delivering a truly native mobile experience for SSO to cloud applications. Centrify's Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) is an industry-first solution to several tough challenges in building "active SSO" technology into rich mobile apps as well as superior end-user experience and easy deployment by IT administrators.

Centrify will help Samsung power the growth of an easy-to-use developer kit and ISV app ecosystem for Android in the enterprise through the licensing of its Mobile Authentication Services Software Development Kit (SDK) into the Samsung For Enterprise (SAFE) SDK Framework. This SDK enables any Android app developer or SaaS ISV to easily equip their rich mobile app with enterprise-grade security and provide a "Zero Sign-On" experience to their cloud applications. This Zero Sign-On goes beyond traditional SSO for devices enrolled in the Centrify Cloud Service, by allowing users 1-click sign-on to enterprise apps without having to enter a username and password. ISVs such as Box, Catch, Dropbox, Cisco WebEx and Onvelop are part of a growing ecosystem of partners enhancing their apps using the Centrify MAS SDK.

Strategic Alignment of an Enterprise-Ready Vision

Centrify and Samsung are delivering on their shared vision of enterprise-class mobility and security that increases workforce productivity for millions of enterprise employees. Samsung benefits from the Centrify partnership by delivering an "out-of-the-box enterprise-ready" mobile platform that readily integrates into an organization's infrastructure (Microsoft Active Directory) to unlock features like mobile user productivity, application security and device management. It delivers on a truly "frictionless" technology and business solution where no third-party tools or skillsets or practices are required to operate these features.

This partnership is also synergistic with Microsoft's strategic presence in enterprises. Samsung can leverage the widespread deployment and trust that over 90% of organizations have placed on Microsoft's Active Directory infrastructure. Centrify helps enable a Zero-Sign-On experience on Android client apps (like Onvelop) for Microsoft's cloud applications like Office365, Yammer and Skype.

Centrify is a Certified SEAP ISV Partner

Samsung Enterprise Alliance ProgramAs a Silver tier SEAP member, Centrify leverages the Enterprise Software Development Kit (Enterprise SDK) to develop and optimize its solutions on Samsung devices by integrating security, application and hardware management. As an SEAP member, Centrify can leverage Samsung's extensive global sales and marketing teams to promote its solutions to the wide network of Samsung customers, carriers and channel partners.