Centrify Partners

Centrify Referral Program

Not a Centrify partner? You can still benefit from working with the Centrify Referral Program.

The Centrify Referral Program provides generous rewards in return for referring sales opportunities to Centrify. If you are not a formal Centrify partner, you can participate in the Centrify Referral Program without a contract as long as you like. Or, you may find this an easy way to begin engaging with Centrify while in the process of applying for one of our formal Partner Programs.

The Benefits of Working with Centrify

It's Easy — and Rewarding

There are no fees, no long term agreements to sign, and no prerequisites, such as completing training classes. Just register qualified opportunities with Centrify and receive sales advantages such as protection and margin on the deal.


Requirements: How the Referral Program Works

The core requirement is that you facilitate a meeting between us and a prospective organization who is interested in and has an environment suited to Centrify solutions.

A Qualified Opportunity is a registered opportunity that has met the following requirements:

  • Prospective organization must show interest in and be a fit for Centrify
  • Opportunity is net new to Centrify
    • Registration is for net new opportunities only, not accounts in general
    • Some flexibility for reawakening inactive opportunities over one year old
  • Affiliate Partner must facilitate a qualified meeting with the right contacts at the prospective organization (Security or Compliance Manager, UNIX Manager, and Active Directory Manager)
  • All opportunities are validated by a Centrify Sales Representative to determine qualifications are met

Getting Started

  • Have the full contact details — name, email address, phone number, and office address — for a specific person we need to work with at the prospective customer
  • Be prepared to work with Centrify by phone or by email to facilitate a face-to-face or an online meeting between us and the prospect
  • With this information about the company and the contact person in hand, use the online Referral Registration form to submit these details
  • We will be in touch within two business days to discuss the registration
  • If we confirm the registered opportunity meets the qualifications outlined above (including a meeting with the right contacts) then you receive deal protection for up to six months, plus additional discount on the final sale