What the Analysts Say about Centrify

Find out what others have to say about Centrify

Centrify has been working with major analyst firms to evangelize our vision for securing cross-platform IT environments by leveraging Active Directory for centralized identity and access management. Here is a sampling of recent analysts, along with links to webinars and podcasts in which they have collaborated with Centrify to explore the business and technical benefits of leveraging Active Directory.

IDC Vendor Profile: Centrify's Growth "Insightful and Impressive"

Centrify is a company to watch because of its "established, proven record of accomplishment" in the IAM space.

International Data Corporation

IDC's Sally Hudson has written a vendor profile titled "Centrify Private Vendor Watchlist Profile: Bridging Linux/Mac/Mobile Platforms for Increased Security and Managed Access Control via Microsoft AD." The study concludes that Centrify is a company to watch because of its "established, proven record of accomplishment" in the IAM space. Hudson notes that:

"Centrify's ability to grow out and expand its product line to meet the emerging needs of the customer has been insightful and impressive. Centrify has successfully identified existing and emerging customer pain points, such as management, audit, and PIM, and focused on delivering appropriate solutions."

She also notes that Centrify's solutions will appeal not only to organizations that need "integrated identity management and granular access control solutions in mixed AD/Linux/Mac/mobile environments," but also to "cloud service providers as they look for ways to host and provide services to a wide variety of industries with compliance and audit regulatory mandates."

What Other Analysts Say

Here is a sampling of publications by other analysts writing about Centrify and its solutions.

451 Research
"Centrify bears out its name, with ever-increasing unification of management for a huge list of platforms, as well as SaaS. Its range of mobile management options, in particular (device, app and container), continues its versatility. And its main selling feature is that it makes everything work with Active Directory as the center."

The advantages of being Centrify-ed: platform, mobile and SaaS ID management
Enterprise Strategy Group

"The Centrify recipe is simple: make the tools you already count on more productive by extending their reach and capabilities. Centrify layers its authentication, access control and auditing sauce on top of ubiquitous Active Directory to make this happen. This makes Centrify one of those rare companies that figured out how to add a whole lot of additional value without a lot of ripping, replacing, re-architecting or training."

"Centrify's DirectAudit fills an important role in securing systems from insider threats and demonstrating compliance to auditors. By tying UNIX and Linux system auditing into the established Microsoft management environment, Centrify further centralizes the administration of security and auditing in a way that increases the robustness of both."

Robert Frances Group

"For enterprises using or considering Active Directory deployments, Centrify's DirectControl Suite can enable compliance and deliver high levels of business benefit and ROI."

"By integrating non-Microsoft systems with Active Directory, Centrify helps organizations comply more confidently with government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, because enterprise security policies can be enforced across all of their distributed systems equally."

Enterprise Management Associates
"Centrify's solution helps make it possible for IT organizations to cost-effectively address compliance requirements across their heterogeneous environment in a manner that leverages their existing IT investments in technology such as Microsoft Active Directory."