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What CISOs, Compliance Officers and IT Operations need from a mobile security offering: interview with Centrify CEO Tom Kemp

Info Security Products Guide
"We’ve made it easy for customers to quickly and reliably manage mobile devices in their network - whether those devices are provided by the company or brought in by the employee. It’s easy and reliable because it is tightly integrated within AD, and so they already know how to manage our offering. They don’t have to deploy another complex infrastructure which creates yet another identity and policy silo in the organization."

Bring Your Own Device Trend Sparks New Security Technology

John Adams, American Banker
Another option is Centrify, which has developed a suite of single-sign-on options for mobile access, smart cards and centralized enterprise access control. Centrify also enables companies to achieve single sign on with the Windows Azure Active Directory, which provides identity management and access control for cloud applications — one identity can be used to access Windows Azure, Microsoft Office, Dynamics CRM Online and other third party services.

BYOD and Cloud Will Fuel IDMaaS Landscape in 2013

Jeffrey Schwartz, Redmond
The growing use of tablets, smart phones and cloud services is making it more complicated for IT organizations to manage user authentication and authorization to enterprise resources – as if it wasn’t difficult enough.

Centrify Extends Microsoft Active Directory to the Cloud

Michael Vizard, IT Business Edge
According to Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, single sign-on capabilities based on Microsoft Active Directory that extend not only between on-premise and cloud applications, but also include mobile devices, means that for the first time IT organizations can implement a unified approach to identity management that is simple to invoke.

Product Spotlight: Cloud computing security solutions for enterprises

Staff, SearchCompliance.com
Centrify's new Identity as a Service, or IDaaS, offering -- Centrify DirectControl for SaaS -- lets Centrify customers take advantage of their existing Microsoft Active Directory investments across the industry's range of systems, mobile devices and apps deployed on premises and in the cloud.

Products of the week 12.17.12

Network World Staff Writers, Network World
Roundup of intriguing new products includes Centrify DirectControl for SaaS.

Centrify Wheels Out Identity-as-a-Service

Maureen O'Gara, SYS-CON Media
Centrify's cloud-based service and seamless integration into Active Directory means IT doesn't sacrifice control of corporate identities and can leverage existing technology, skillsets and processes. Unlike other products, no intrusive firewall changes, changes to Active Directory itself or appliances in the DMZ are needed. Corporate identity information remains centralized in Active Directory under control of the IT staff and is never replicated or duplicated in the cloud.

SMB Apple Love Is Fruitful Provider Pursuit

Dave Courbanou, Channelnomics
MDM and software-as-a-service management providers like Centrify ... are just two examples of iOS-friendly MDM vendors that can deliver a blend of flexibility and manageability that won’t limit users to a single Web-based application and basic e-mail.

Identity access management boldly goes where Active Directory has not

James Furbush, Search Consumerization
Centrify, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., released DirectControl for SaaS, an identity system that plugs into Active Directory for single sign-on access to cloud apps and services, and Mobile Manager, which provides the same functionality for mobile devices, including Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Centrify launches IT-friendly alternative to bring your own ID

Ryan Faas, CITEworld
Earlier this week, Centrify unveiled an alternative option for achieving unified identity management that doesn't require organizations to cede authority. That solution is a new product in the company's Direct Control lineup that is designed to extend enterprise identities beyond the corporate network to a range of public and private cloud services. Known as Direct Control for SaaS, it joins Centrify's Direct Control solutions for Macs, iOS and Android devices, various Unix and Linux distributions, and web apps and databases (including SAP).

Centrify launches service for cloud identity

Stephen McBride, ITP.net
Unified identity management specialist Centrify Corporation today introduced a new Windows Azure cloud-based offering that extends Microsoft Active Directory and lets organisations centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services across a variety of operating systems and platforms.

My Story: Tom Kemp

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Startup City
If you don't fundamentally believe that the business you are involved with will have a great return from not only a financial perspective but from a career and personal development perspective, then get out. You only have a few "at bats" over your business career, pick the right pitcher (i.e. venture) where you have the best chance to hit a home run. And remember a home run is not just about the money but also about career and development as a person. Finally, strive to find the right work / personal life balance, as you might not have as many "at bats" vis-a-vis friends and family, and life in general, as you think.

Single sign-on capability for application access released by Centrify

Staff, SC Magazine
Centrify has launched a web-based portal for single sign-on capabilities for cloud services and applications. The solution extends capabilities within Microsoft's Active Directory to allow enhanced identity services across data centres, cloud and mobile, and allows "one single login for users and one identity infrastructure for IT", according to the company.

Centrify Unveils Secure Access to SaaS, Cloud-Based Services Using Active Directory

Cloud Computing Executive Editor Erin Harrison, infoTECH News
Many of the existing solutions for SaaS SSO do not address what users want and what IT requires,” Williams said in a statement. “Single Sign-on needs to address both browser and mobile access to apps regardless of whether those apps are on premise or in the cloud. We’ve architected our solution from the ground up to accommodate these scenarios, and with Centrify you can utilize your existing identity infrastructure to go beyond SSO with access control, privilege management, policy enforcement and compliance.”

Centrify Harnesses Active Directory For Mobile Device Management

Michael Endler, InformationWeek
Mobility can increase worker productivity - but only if a variety of workflow and security headaches are avoided. This avoidance is easier said than done, but Centrify aims to help. Monday, the company unveiled its DirectControl for SaaS, a new service that harnesses Active Directory (AD) to allow single sign-on (SSO) access to cloud apps and services.

Centrify brings ID management to the cloud

Graeme Philipson, iTWire
“Organisations can now centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services, while also giving end users much needed single sign-on to address the password sprawl associated with these new technologies,” says Corey Williams, Centrify senior director of product management.

Centrify's Identity-as-a-Service Helps Unify the Enterprise Identity

Marisa Peacock, CMSWire
Centrify Corporation has introduced a new cloud-based offering that lets organizations centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services, while also giving end users much needed single sign-on to address the password sprawl associated with these new technologies. We spoke with Tom Kemp, CEO and Corey Williams, senior director of product management about the new release and how Centrify is working to align itself with the current state of enterprise identity.

Centrify Tool Enables Businesses to Centrally Secure, Control SaaS Apps

Chris Talbot, Talkin' Cloud
The core to the announcement is a single sign-on login for users, which not only makes things simpler for end users but also provides IT departments with the ability to shut down access easily to an employee that leaves the company.

Centrify’s SSO SaaS Push Centers on Channel

Dave Courbanou, Channelnomics
Centrify’s “killer app” is the ability to manage nearly every modern device and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix) under an Active Directory environment. Now, with the expansion of this technology into popular SaaS services, applications like Box, Google Apps, Office 365, Zoho and more can be managed under one roof.

Centrify offers single sign on to cloud services using Active Directory credentials

Daniel Robinson, V3.co.uk
Along with Centrify's existing products for Mac OS X, Unix and Linux, the new release allows Active Directory credentials to be used for single sign-on to a broad swathe of corporate infrastructure. This should eliminate the multiple logins that employees otherwise have to manage, while administrators can safely and easily rescind access to everything if an employee leaves the company. "We're now able to facilitate the ability for users to truly have a single username and password across the cloud, mobile and datacentre," Centrify chief executive Tom Kemp told V3.

Identity: the Intersection of Cloud, Mobile and Social

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Forbes
Cloud, Mobile and Social are clearly top of mind with Information Technology ("IT") professionals today. These "Big Three" are being driven by the "consumerization" of technology trend — Bring Your Own Devices ("BYOD") for mobile, Bring Your Own Apps ("BYOA") for cloud and Software-as-a-Service apps and the desire for users to better collaborate ala Facebook and other social networks but within corporate boundaries — with end users vs. corporate IT driving adoption of all three. Increasingly the key linchpin for cloud, mobile and social is identity, and this consumerization trend may eventually lead to a Bring Your Own Identity ("BYOI") trend within corporate IT itself.

2013 SC Awards US Finalists: Round Three

SC Magazine

HSBC Bank UK Deploys Centrify Suite 2012

Shankar Pandiath, TMCnet Contributor
"We had multiple goals for this project including enforcing password policies, user account consolidation in Active Directory, and auditing requirements,” said Sharpe, prior to deploying Centrify. “We needed to manage our Linux and UNIX systems in a centralized manner and wanted to leverage an existing directory infrastructure. The result was a decision to acquire the best technology to meet our needs, and after careful evaluation we chose Centrify."

HSBC Bank UK is deploying a new system to centrally secure its distributed IT infrastructure

Antony Savvas, CIO
"Centrify consolidates complex user and computer access into a streamlined and easy-to-manage arrangement within Active Directory, it's a massive plus for us," said Paul Sharpe, an enterprise technical specialist for global IT operations at HSBC.

HSBC adopts new platform to protect internal IT

Antony Savvas, Computerworld UK
"Centrify's underlying Zones technology was by far the best approach for us to maintain compliance and simplify our processes."

HSBC deploys Centrify Suite

Stephen McBride, ITP.net
"Centrify's product functionality sets it apart from anything else on the market by consolidating complex user and computer access into a streamlined and easy-to-manage arrangement within Active Directory; it's a massive plus for us," said Paul Sharpe enterprise technical specialist, Global IT Operations with HSBC.

HSBC Deploys Centrify Suite to Manage Security Across Its IT Infrastructure

American Banker
According to Centrify, HSBC will install Centrify Suite, which allows financial institutions to oversee authentication and access control centrally, as well as determine what commands each employee has permission to run. The system will allow HSBC to manage who can do what on particular machines, and to monitor security across all its servers.

Centrify: Prediction 2013 - The Year of Mobile Virtualization

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, VMblog.com
...Given these solutions are causing headaches for both employers and employees, there is a huge need for virtualization for the smart devices themselves, where the corporate and business data and apps are stored in their own "virtualized instance" (aka "workspace" aka "container" aka "sandbox") on the device. So even in the case that the device itself has no unlock passcode and no corresponding security policies, the secure container of business apps on the phone cannot be accessed unless the appropriate passcode is entered. And inside the container the user is able to share data between business apps (e.g. copy and paste text from an email into a CRM record), but corporate IT would of course not want data inside the container copy-and-pasted onto a non-container app such as Twitter or Facebook. And of course corporate IT should have the ability to wipe the container if the device is lost or the employee leaves the organization, but not delete music, photos, personal apps, etc. that the employee put on the phone.

New trend in BYOD security: contain the data, not the device

Ryan Faas, CITEworld
As I mentioned, Centrify has also recently stepped into this arena with its own Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) SDK that focuses on single sign-on and mobile authentication. The MAS SDK is available through a freemium model and focuses on securing mobile access to enterprise data systems and cloud services.

Third-Party Windows All-Stars: Redmond's 2012 Editors' Choice Awards

Centrify Corp. loves Active Directory and Windows as a base to manage heterogeneous machines. And, most recently, it has embraced cloud and mobile devices. The core of the Centrify business is using Active Directory to manage Linux, Unix and Mac computers. "Our technology spans from mobile devices to mainframes and from on-premises to the cloud, and we span more than 400-plus different operating systems," says co-founder and CEO Tom Kemp.

'Zero Sign-On' Authentication For Mobile Applications By Centrify

Tools Journal
Centrify Corporation, provider of security and compliance solutions announced the extension of its cloud-based mobile security offering to include Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) that deliver "Zero Sign-On" Active Directory-based authentication for mobile applications to cloud services. With the latest announcement Centrify has enhanced its Policy-based management of mobile devices to enable Mobile Device Management. The Company's' solutions centrally control, secure and audit access to on-premise and cloud-based systems, mobile devices and applications.

Products of the week 10.29.12

Networld World
Centrify seamlessly extends Active Directory authentication to mobile applications, delivering "Zero Sign-On" and strong authentication for mobile applications to cloud services, eliminating the need to remember and re-enter credentials for each mobile app.

Centrify adds mobile authentication services, forms app partnership

Digital ID News
Centrify Corporation, a security and compliance solution provider, released Mobile Authentication Services (MAS), a method to deliver Active Directory-based authentication for mobile apps to cloud services. Additionally, it has partnered with Appcelerator, a mobile platform company, for mobile authentication services for titanium studio-powered mobile apps. Mobile Authentication Services allows for “zero sign-on” Active Directory-based authentication. This extends its ability to conduct Active Directory authentication to mobile devices.

Centrify Introduces Cloud Service for Mobile App Authentication

Maureen O'Gara, SYS-CON Media
Centrify, the outfit that leverages Microsoft's ubiquitous Active Directory, has extended its cloud-based mobile security widgetry to include Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) and deliver "Zero Sign-On" authentication to mobile apps accessing cloud services via Active Directory. Earlier this year the company released its solution for Active Directory Group Policy-based management of mobile devices to enable Mobile Device Management (MDM). Now it's making the other major Active Directory-provided service available - authentication - and seamlessly extending it to mobile devices and applications. That makes Centrify the only vendor to offer both integrated MDM and MAS.

Microsoft Surface and Group Policy don't mix -- now what?

J. Peter Bruzzese, InfoWorld
In the years ahead, we may see management tools that provide Group Policy-like settings but do not require domain-join capabilities. Already, tools from Centrify...for iOS provide Group Policy-based Active Directory authentication.

Why Window 8 Tablets Will Lose To The iPad In Education

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
It's also worth noting that some of the iPad management options are also from companies that offer excellent Mac management technologies. Centrify...come immediately to mind - and...offer truly superb solutions.

Shifra boosts IT security portfolio in new deal to be launched in GITEX 2012

Nadeen El Ajou, AME Info
UAE-based value added distributor Shifra aims to leverage increased investments in IT security in 2012 to expand in business in the region, as regional demand for security solutions rises with many regionally firms citing security as one of their top IT priorities this year.

Centrify Suite 2012 Provides User Provisioning and Access Control Across the Enterprise

Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

Centrify's Global Customer Support Program Wins Bronze in 4th Annual 2012 Golden Bridge Awards

Golden Bridge Awards
Centrify wins bronze in Best Customer Satisfaction category for its Global Customer Support Program earning customer satisfaction levels of more than 92 percent.

Bring Your Own Identity Is Here! (Mostly).

Matthew Heusser, IT Knowledge Exchange
...good ol' Centrify, that enables companies to achieve single sign-on with Active Directory to anything - linux, mac, mobile devices, Windows-Based SAP, ERP,and CRM systems, you name it.

Cloud Conversions: Software Vendors Transforming into Service Providers

Doug Barney, Editor-in-Chief, Redmond magazine
Centrify can do via the cloud what once required connectivity to a corporate network. "Centrify's approach uses a cloud-based service to enable trusted over-the-air enrollment, security and management of mobile devices in Active Directory — even if the devices aren't connected to the corporate network," Cabri says. "A proxy ensures administrative actions on Active Directory are securely communicated to the cloud service and on to the user's mobile device. This eliminates the need for complex new infrastructures or intrusive changes to corporate networks and firewalls."

Centrify Suite 2012 Receives 5 Stars From SC Magazine

Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

Centrify delivers solution for Mac OS X smart card support

Mac News
The simple installation and use of Centrify Express for Smart Card allows employees to use their personal Mac system on the road or at home to securely access critical information, according to Greg Cranley, director of Federal Sales at Centrify. Supported smart cards include the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, the Common Access Card (CAC) and the CAC Next Generation (CAC NG) card.

Centrify’s MDM Solutions Compatible with iOS 6

Mobile Enterprise
Centrify Corporation announced that two of its offerings, Centrify for Mobile and the free Express for Mobile solution, support Apple iOS 6. This enables organizations to leverage Centrify’s cloud-based security service to manage users and devices and address enterprise mobility and BYOD challenges.

Can SmartPhones Solve our Password Problem?

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Forbes
As the smartphone industry continues to subsume and disrupt multi-billion markets (e.g. digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, portable media players, portable gaming consoles, etc.), is the billion dollar plus market for multi-factor authentication (e.g. smartcards, tokens, etc.) the next to be disrupted by the mobile device revolution? Apple’s pending acquisition of Authentec signals the answer will be yes. The end result may be fewer problems with passwords and a dramatic increase in mobile ecommerce.

Security vendor Centrify signs on Shifra as distributor

TCM News Desk, Tech Channel MEA
Centrify Corporation has signed a distribution agreement with Shifra. Shifra, a value added distributor for information security products, now offers and supports the entire Centrify Suite 2012 product portfolio for centralising authentication, privilege management and auditing of cross-platform systems within Microsoft Active Directory.

Continuous Monitoring: Overcome the Challenges

Information Security Media Group
Too many organizations misunderstand exactly what continuous monitoring is, says Centrify's Mat Hur, who offers insights on how to deploy continuous monitoring solutions for the best results. Defining continuous monitoring is one common challenge; understanding its scale is another.

Why You Don't Need Mac Anti-Virus Software - Plus What You Do Need

Antone Gonsalves, ReadWriteWeb
Tools like Centrify are available to apply group policies for password strength, automated lockout and other security measures.

Centrify for Best Customer Service

Centrify Director of Technical Support Raman Kumar, SC Magazine
Centrify has a world-class customer support program, and when I saw that the SC Awards created a Best Customer Service award, I was intrigued. Our customer support program is well recognized by our customers - with a better than 90 percent satisfaction rating based on survey results from our customers - and I thought the SC Awards judges would enjoy learning more about it, and considering us for this industry accolade.

Centrify Unifies User Sign-On Control Across Multiple Platforms, Devices

Frank Ohlhorst, eWeek
Centrify Suite 2012 Enterprise Edition tames user-access problems by centralizing user-account management across multiple platforms and devices. The product ... offers a single-pane-of-glass view for user accounts .... This allows users to enter the same credentials across multiple networks and operating systems, while supporting multiple endpoints, ranging from Windows clients to Linux desktops to OS_X- (Mac-) based devices. ... [A] decent return on investment is all but guaranteed, thanks to the time the product saves network administrators, reductions in help desk calls and the secure integration of multiple endpoints into an enterprise.

Enterprise Networking: Centrify Brings Centralized User Management to Heterogeneous Networks

Frank Ohlhorst, eWeek
Centrify's centralized user management helps tame the new security paradigm created by multidevice user access scenarios to servers, applications and endpoint systems in the cloud and on-premises. The product's centralized management screen makes it easy to define roles, groups, zones and other container-level directory elements, while incorporating a single sign-on methodology for end users.

Centrify signs Cohort to target Apple users

Alex Scroxton, MicroScope
The appointment of Cohort to cover the UK and Ireland marks the first time that Centrify has adopted a two-tier channel set-up in this country, although it already works with disties elsewhere in EMEA. Cohort MD Graham Smee said that the appointment would help resellers manage incremental sales opportunities among end users who maintain significant Apple estates.

Centrify switches to two-tier channel model

Doug Woodburn, CRN
Identity and access management vendor Centrify has moved to a two-tier channel model in the UK with the appointment of distributor Cohort Technology. ... "The ability to manage and secure Mac systems via Windows Group Policy is a key differentiator, as is centralised management of all Mac and mobile devices," he said. "We will be adding a great deal of value to the existing Centrify channel through business development, training and our unique channel service offerings."

Centrify's Global Customer Support Program Named as Finalist in 4th Annual 2012 Golden Bridge Awards

Centrify recognized in best customer satisfaction category for its leading global customer support program earning customer satisfaction levels of more than 92 percent.

Mobile apps platforms and management

UK Staff, Computerworld
The growth of diverse mobile devices in the enterprise is forcing IT managers to become more platform-agnostic in the way they manage their mobile applications and platforms, with web apps and cloud computing also driving this change.

Comment: Bringing the tablet into the retail environment

Centrify EMEA Regional Director Darren Gross, Retail Gazette
Centrify, which currently serves more than 4,500 customers, offers a Mobile Device Management solution called Centrify for Mobile. It enables businesses to utilise their existing Active Directory infrastructure, skill sets and processes already in place, which means improved productivity, better security, superior compliance reporting and the all important cost savings.

iWorking: How to bring your Apple products into the workplace

Karen Haslam, MacWorld
iPhones, iPads and Macs computers can increase productivity and enjoyment at work, but how can an employee persuade management that the devices are safe to use within the corporate network?

Centrify's DirectControl Now Supports the Latest OS X

ChannelPro-SMB Editor
Security and compliance innovator Centrify Corp. has announced that its DirectControl for Mac offering now supports the just-released Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system with Active Directory-based authentication, access control, and Group Policy for SMB users.

WWDC 2012 Interview: Centrify

Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine
David McNeely (Centrify Sr. Director of Product Management) was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward.

Consolidating Authorization

John Wagley, Security Management
When he explored available solutions, Griffith heard positive reviews of Centrify. After a bit of research, he concluded that it appeared to be relatively easy to install and use and would be a good fit for the company. Installation involved downloading a comparatively light piece of software and then setting up some basic security controls. Centrify helped with the setup process, which was not challenging, he says. The vendor continues to be supportive, when necessary. The solution has also been easy to use and manage, with few issues since installation, says Griffith, adding, "It just does what it's supposed to."

Centrify Ships Unified Access Spanning Mobile Devices to Mainframes

Database Trends and Applications
"Today, Centrify supports more than 375 versions of UNIX and Linux operating systems," Tom Kemp, CEO and co-founder and CEO of Centrify, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Linux on the IBM Systems z runs on a virtual host via a logical partition or z/VM host. Centrify Suite for zLinux runs on the Linux guests in this virtual environment. The underlying Integrated Facility for Linux supports a number of Linux offerings, including SUSE and Red Hat. Centrify Suite fully supports these Linux operating systems and has successfully passed the IBM validation program, earning the IBM brand 'Ready for Systems with Linux' for System z servers."

An Interview with Centrify CEO, Tom Kemp

Eleanor Dallaway, Infosecurity
Maybe I asked the right questions, maybe Kemp had grown tired of talking about the new product - ours was the last of a series of meetings he'd had during his trip to England, so it wouldn’t be surprising - or maybe he just decided to go with the flow. Whatever the reasoning, Kemp went 'off-piste' for long enough for me to get some really interesting industry insight out of him. Here's what I found out...

Products of the week 6.11.12

Network World Staff, Network World
Centrify's Suite 2012 Update 2 unified auditing and access management capabilities support more than 375 operating system platforms - the most in the industry. It now supports new versions of Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android and latest Linux OS running on IBM Z Series.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Risky Business?

Centrify Sr. Director of Product Management David McNeely, Wall Street Technology Association
How do technology professionals embrace the benefits of the BYOD while ensuring the security and compliance demands placed on financial firms? There are specific risk mitigation steps that financial organizations can take to enforce security policies and ensure acceptable use of mobile devices whether procured by the enterprise or owned by employees. The following best practices will not guarantee security but will move financial organizations closer to effective policy enforcement and compliance.

The 10 Hottest Tech Releases In May

CRN Staff, CRN
Managed services gets some play in this month's most notable tech releases, but it doesn't stop there. Spanning across a variety of segments, from servers and smartphones to security software and ultrabooks, check out the hottest products released in May, including Centrify for Mobile.

Q&A: Mobile device management and the give-and-take of BYOD

Caron Carlson, FierceCIO
With three stores in Dallas, three stores in Houston and an online business, Universal Melody outfits many of the school bands across Texas with their musical instruments. To protect competitive data from falling into the wrong hands via employee-owned devices, Martin recently implemented a mobile device management solution that allows him to lock devices, wipe content and issue other commands via his Active Directory infrastructure. In an interview with FierceCI, he explained his approach to BYOD and why he opted for one of the many "good, free solutions out there" when it comes to mobile device management.

Centrify announces Active Directory-based solution for Cloud mobile Device security

"The number one reason we're using Centrify's mobile security solution is its integration with Active Directory," said Eric Bowers, IT Manager for Butterball Farms. "It's incredibly easy to manage I can secure all of my mobile devices using Group Policy. Our priorities are establishing secure email access and enforcing the corporate security policy on mobile devices mostly iPhones. Centrify has made everything very convenient and easy-to-use to enable effective mobile device management."

Centrify Links Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Active Directory

Brian Taylor, TalkinCloud
Centrify, a provider of centrally-controlled security and compliance solutions and maker of Active Directory, announced the general availability of Centrify for Mobile. The cloud-based service addresses BYOD (bring your own device) issues by allowing enterprises to secure and manage smart phones and tablets, such as iPads and Android devices, using existing Active Directory infrastructure and processes. The company also announced the general availability of Centrify Express for Mobile, a free mobile security service for Android and Apple devices without a limit on the number of devices supported.

Centrify Addresses MDM, BYOD Security with DirectControl

Nathan Eddy, The VAR Guy
Security and compliance solutions specialist Centrify Corp. has released Centrify for Mobile. The mobile device management platform allows service providers and customers to secure and manage smartphones and tablets like Apple's iPad or Google Android devices through Active Directory.

Centrify Targets Mobile Device Control Using Active Directory

Brian Prince, SecurityWeek
Access control vendor Centrify announced the availability today of a new product for to help manage mobile devices. Leveraging the new Centrify Cloud Service, Centrify Centrify for Mobile is meant to address concerns related to the bring-your-own-device approach. The technology allows organizations to manage smartphones and tablets, including Apple iPads and Google Android devices, using existing Active Directory infrastructure, skill sets and processes. In addition to DirectControl, Centrify also announced the availability of Centrify Express for Mobile, a free security offering for Android and Apple devices.

Centrify Unveils Centrify for Mobile

Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor
The newly released Centrify for Mobile is stated to be the first ever easy-to-deploy active directory-based solution for mobile device security that can be accessed through the cloud. By utilizing the features of the recently launched Centrify Cloud Service, the solution helps users centrally secure and manage smartphones and tablets, including iPads and Android devices via Active Directory infrastructure, skill sets and processes.

Centrify bolsters mobile security policy via Active Directory

Antone Gonsalves, CSO
Centrify, which sells software for managing Apple Macs and Windows PCs through Microsoft Active Directory, has launched a cloud service that provides similar capabilities for smartphones and tablets running Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile operating systems.

The API-ificiation of software - and LEGOs

Robin Vasan, Mayfield Fund for GigaOM
Although the majority of API attention has centered on consumer Web services, an emerging cadre of startups are focused on infrastructure and business processes. These newcomers are providing a broad range of critical services neatly packaged as frameworks or APIs.

Products of the week 5.28.12

Network World Staff, Network World
Centrify for Mobile is selected as a product of the week. The new cloud-based service centrally secures and manages smart phones and tablets the way you secure PCs, using existing Active Directory, skill sets and processes, delivering rapid deployment and enterprise-class scalability.

Security Specialist Adds New VAD in EMEA

Centrify, who delivers software solutions that secure and audit access to cross-platform systems and applications by leveraging an infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory, in now building its EMEA network.

Enterprise Device Alliance (A Mac And iOS IT Resources Group) Gain Members And Expands Services

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
This week, the Enterprise Device Alliance announced its newest member – London-based Trams. The Enterprise Device Alliance (a.k.a. EDA) is a non-profit group that provides resources to companies and organizations looking to integrate Apple technologies into predominantly Windows-based environments. Centrify is one of the core members of EDA.

New kid on the Block - Centrify coming to Bellevue

Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle
Seattle's highly talented workforce attracts a multitude of corporations whom settle in the region. According to the US Census 56 percent of Seattle residents over the age of twenty five hold a B.A. or higher. It is no wonder that Centrify Corporation, a leader in cloud computing, security, and mobile applications, is opening a new office in Bellevue.

Centrify Offers Free iOS And Android Management

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
Centrify for Mobile offers free device management capabilities. Unlike many other management solutions, device management can be performed using mobile-specific Active Directory group policy extensions rather than any additional interface (though a cloud service interface is also available).

Your BYOD field guide

Done properly, though, MDM can drive support costs down. E-learning company Cengage found that its support costs dropped when it adopted an MDM solution from Centrify. "We support close to a thousand iOS devices," says Pepijn Bruienne, a systems administrator at Cengage. "With MDM in place, remote workers no longer have to bring devices in to be manually configured. We can do that remotely, and we can handle many support issues remotely as well," Bruienne says. This, of course, saves both time and money, and has the added benefit of giving IT the ability to unify security policies across all mobile devices.

Thousands of Macs in the Enterprise - How the Big Companies Roll

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
OS X also lets IT pre-configure system and application settings based on a user's account, group membership, and even the Mac that he or she is using. ... There are a number of tools that IT can use to plug into Apple's client management architecture, including Centrify DirectControl for Mac. ... Centrify ... [has] beefed up Apple's native support for Active Directory to enable additional features, greater security, and to add client management capabilities for Macs. Centrify offers its DirectControl for Mac that also adds full client management as well as a free Centrify Express edition that deals just with Active Directory integration and security.

BYOD Smackdown 2012: Centrify DirectControl Mobile links MDM APIs to Active Directory for free

Jack Madden, ConsumerizeIT.com
Centrify for Mobile is a basic MDM product with no extra frills—it simply provides a direct link from Android and iOS management APIs to Active Directory. It leaves application and data management up to other solutions, but its basic and strait-forward management, especially with a free edition available, should be a highly desired tool for many administrators.

Centrify Earns Defense Department Security Certification For Secure Mac Management

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
Centrify announced today that the company has earned the U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness for its DirectControl For Mac suite. DirectControl for Mac expands on OS X’s native Active Directory support and allows companies and organizations to secure and manage Mac desktops and notebooks using the same group policy architecture that they use to secure and manage Windows PCs.

Bringing The iPad 3 Into The Enterprise Fold

Centrify EMEA Regional Director Darren Gross, Business Computing World
The release of the Apple iPad 3 has once again raised the question of whether the enterprise is ready to incorporate these devices into their networks. We expect to see tablet sales alone increase by 250% in 2012, primarily iPads, which workers are connecting to corporate email and other network services at unprecedented rates.

Centrify Selected by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 Winner

Always On
AlwaysOn selected Centrify as one of the OnDemand Top 100 winners. Inclusion in the OnDemand 100 recognizes Centrify's leadership among its peers and its game-changing approaches and technologies that are disrupting existing markets and entrenched players. Centrify was specially selected by the AlwaysOn editorial team and industry experts spanning the globe based on a set of five criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.

Lead411 launches 'Hottest Companies in Silicon Valley' awards

Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. This information has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 3190 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 80.

What CISOs, Compliance Officers and IT Operations need from a mobile security offering

Rake Narang, Info Security Products Guide
In the following interview, Tom Kemp, Chief Execeutive Officer of Centrify Corporation, discusses 1:1 with Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief of Info Security Products Guide, what CISOs, Compliance Officers and IT Operations need from a mobile security offering.

Centrify for Mobile

Centrify Corp. has announced its release of Centrify for Mobile. The cloud-based service is designed to let enterprises centrally secure and manage smartphones and tablets using existing active directory infrastructure, skill sets and processes. Centrify for Mobile utilizes an organization’s on-premise active directory infrastructure and group policy-based management tools to enforce and update mobile device security settings, lock or remotely wipe devices and secure access to virtual private networks, email and Wi-Fi networks.

Centrify adds iOS, Android to it Active Directory control line-up

Centrify has released Centrify for Mobile, a cloud-based service that manages iOS and Android using Microsoft Active Directory. It enables administrators to apply Active Directory security group policies to smartphones and tablets, including remotely locking and wiping devices and password authentication for company networks and services, Wi-Fi, and remote VPN access. Centrify for Mobile also provides information about what software is running on the devices and whether the devices have been jail-broken.

IT Management: Audit Those Windows Servers

Tom Kemp, TechNet Magazine
Often times, it's difficult to articulate the business justification for auditing efforts and expenses to senior management. Here are three major business reasons why you should audit your Windows Servers.

Centrify DirectAudit Receives Gold Award from WindowsNetworking.com

Mitch Tulloch, WindowsNetworking.com
After spending some time trying out DirectAudit, I can honestly say that the product really impressed me with its powerful capabilities, scalability, and ease of use.

Table Stakes for MDM Jump a Notch - TechNotes

Joanie Wexler, Webtorials
Mobility is no different, except that the pricing model for getting MDM as a cloud service was turned on its ear last week by MDM newcomer Centrify. The eight-year-old company brought a base set of security and MDM features to the cloud for a game-changing price: $0.

Products of the week 2,20,12

Network World Staff, Network World
New cloud-based service centrally secures and manages smartphones and tablets the way you secure PCs, using existing Active Directory, skill sets and processes, delivering rapid deployment and enterprise-class scalability.

Centrify Enables Easy Integration of Android, iOS with Active Directory

Ravi Mandalia, ITProPortal
Centrify has decided to address various enterprise concerns across consumerisation of IT and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend along with a new service which will bring iOS as well as Android smartphones directly under Active Directory control.

Commentary on Centrify's new MDM product

Mark Diodati, Gartner
I like the administrative model used by Centrify for Mobile. It naturally extends Centrify's ability to manage heterogeneous devices via native Active Directory tools. Centrify provides an identity bridge that monitors Active Directory for changes, then feeds those changes to a SaaS-based service that abstracts the complexities of mobile device interaction. Many enterprises use Active Directory tools to manage users and devices (including UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS), and this model enables them to manage mobile devices in the same fashion. This approach may not work for all organizations, but it is a valid one.

Why Apple IT Pros Need Windows Enterprise Skills

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
Microsoft's Active Directory is a core component in virtually every enterprise network. When I looked at Centrify for Mobile, I singled out its deep integration with Active Directory as a major feature and a leg up over some of the other mobile device management (MDM) suites on the market. That's because Active Directory is an essential piece of technology infrastructure in the vast majority of businesses.

Centrify Tackles Android, iOS Mobile Management

Clint Boulton, eWeek.com
Market momentum for software that helps companies provision, manage and safeguard mobile handsets is picking up where it left off in 2011. Centrify Feb. 14 unveiled Centrify for Mobile, a Web-based service that protects potentially sensitive corporate data transmitted via Apple iPhones and iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, and other gadget platforms.

How do we manage the BYOD boom, at the technical end?

Adrian Bridgwater, ComputerWeekly.com
Centrify's new cloud-based service is intended to let enterprises centrally secure and manage smart phones and tablets, including iPads and Android devices, using existing Active Directory infrastructure, skill sets and processes to enable easy, rapid deployment combined with enterprise-class scalability. The company has also announced Centrify Express for Mobile, representing what it claims to be the industry's "first and only" free mobile security offering with no limit on the number of devices that can be supported.

Mobile Device Management Hits Center Stage, but Concerns Remain

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Forbes.com
As more and more workers bring personal mobile devices to work, organizations must quickly respond to the security and compliance risks posed by largely unmanaged access to corporate information, as well as the risks associated with a lost or stolen device that now contains corporate information. To address these trends, IT organizations need to deploy solutions that secure and manage all the devices that are part of this "Consumerization of IT" trend — including iOS and Android smart phones and tablets and Mac OS laptops. At the same time that IT organizations are scrambling to address this immediate pain point today, concerns remain regarding today's Mobile Device Management ("MDM") capabilities and the approaches to MDM they should take.

Centrify Makes iOS Management Easy For Windows IT Pros And Does It For Free

Ryan Faas, Cult of Mac
Earlier this week, Centrify launched an open beta of the company’s Centrify for Mobile service. The service, which supports managing iPhones, iPads, and Android devices in business and enterprise settings, currently includes a subset of the features typical in other mobile device management (MDM) systems. Centrify, which is known for providing enterprise integration technologies for OS X as well as various Unix and Linux distributions, plans to maintain the current selection of controls as a free solution when the product emerges from beta while adding further management capabilities to a commercially licensed version.

New MDM service ties Apple, Android devices to Active Directory

Robert Westervelt, SearchSecurity.com
Centrify Corp., a security vendor that enables Linux, Unix and Mac machines to tie into Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for IT management, is launching a new mobile device management (MDM) services that it says can do the same thing for smartphones and tablet devices. The new services, called Centrify for Mobile and Centrify Express for Mobile, is being rolled out in Beta and can be tested for free. It currently supports the Apple iPhone and iPad and Google Android devices. The company claims it’s the first service of its kind to connect Android and Apple devices to Active Directory.

Centrify Sets Mobile Device Management Free

Thomas Claburn, InformationWeek.com
Centrify Corporation has a Valentine's Day gift for IT administrators. The security and compliance company on Tuesday plans to launch a free cloud-based mobile device management service. Centrify Express for Mobile, available at no charge, with no device limit and no support, allows businesses to manage employee smartphones and tablets--Android and iOS devices, but not BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7--through existing Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure.

Centrify's New MDM Strategy Priced To Move

Lee H. Badman, NetworkComputing.com
The mobile device management space is relatively new, but is already showing signs of being a study in same-old, same-old. How much can you really do with Apple's API for iDevices, after all? Judging by the current players, you'd think that all MDM solutions require a stand-alone management server and yet another console to administer. Though many MDM vendors put different faces on the same basic functionality, Centrify promises a unique methodology, at a price you won't believe.

Centrify Express Mobile Taps Microsoft AD for Painless MDM

The VAR Guy
Who says Active Directory integration is only for desktop computing environments? Centrify believes that's the old way of thinking, so enter "Centrify for Mobile," a cloud-based management solution promising to bring unified management of mobile devices floating around your network. The VAR Guy spoke to Tom Kemp, Centrify's CEO, and David McNeely, senior director of project management, about the new offering. Could Active Directory be a solution to mobile device management (MDM) woes?

Centrify extends Active Directory control to iPhone, iPad and Android

Daniel Robinson, v3.co.uk
Management vendor Centrify is aiming to address enterprise concerns over the consumerisation of IT and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend with a new service that brings Apple iOS and Android mobile devices under the control of Active Directory.

Centrify adds Apple and Android control to Active Directory

Steve Evans, CBRonline.com
The new platform enables IT admins to manage mobile devices just like a Windows PC. In an attempt to address the growing concerns over the consumerisation of IT, Centrify has unveiled its Centrify for Mobile platform, which lets businesses control iOS and Android devices through Active Directory.

Centrify unveils mobile device management using Active Directory

Dan Raywood, SCmagazineuk.com
A free solution from Centrify that enables personal devices to be managed in Active Directory has been launched. Centrify for Mobile is a cloud-based service that allows enterprises to centrally secure and manage smartphones and tablets using existing Active Directory infrastructure, skills and processes. Also offered is Centrify Express for Mobile, a free mobile security offering with no limit on the number of devices that can be supported.

Centrify Wins TMC Cloud Computing Excellence Award for Active Directory-based Security and Compliance of Cloud-hosted Servers

Cloud Computing Magazine
TMC, a global integrated media company, has named Centrify CloudTools as a 2011 Cloud Computing Excellence Award winner, presented by Cloud Computing Magazine.

Buckle up with Cybersecurity ... It's the Law

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Forbes.com
State laws have been on the books for years regarding security breach notification. But newly enacted laws that tighten compliance requirements for data security as well as recent guidance from the SEC regarding disclosing cybersecurity risks and incidents is turning up the heat on companies to improve their security or face significant fines and lawsuits.

Mac attack

Network World
One early problem was Active Directory integration. ... "We're actually looking at Centrify right now," Maples says. "Our biggest challenge now with the Mac is authentication, keeping account information synchronized and setting password policies." ... "We make the Mac machine a security peer to the Windows machine," says Centrify's Macintosh Product Manager Lance McAndrew. According to McAndrew, few large organizations are monolithic environments. In addition to running Windows, most also run Unix, Linux and, now, Macs.

Bullish Centrify doubles down in Europe

Doug Woodburn, CRN
The funding climate for start-up IT vendors is better than it was before the recession began, according to the chief executive of bullish identity and access management outfit Centrify. Fresh from bagging another $16m (£10.3m) in VC funding, Centrify has hired former Symantec and Secure Computing executive Olly Carter as its first EMEA channel sales manager.