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Centrify Active Directory Integration for Splunk

Corey Williams, Splunk Blog
Here at Centrify, we were pleased as punch to learn that our first attempt at a Splunk application, Centrify Active Directory Integration for Splunk, was chosen as the “Splunk app of the quarter” earlier this year. Centrify Active Directory Integration for Splunk is an add-on for scripted authentication using Centrify Express. Centrify Express is a free solution for integrating *NIX or Macs with Active Directory (which has already been downloaded over 100,000 times in the past year!).

School Selects Centrify for Centrally Controlling Cross-platform Systems, Including Macs

Ellen Messmer, Network World
Columbia Prep, where Apple Macintosh computers reign supreme in classrooms, computer labs and libraries, over the summer made a switch to Windows servers to be used in conjunction with about 450 Mac computers the school has. Using the Centrify Suite for centrally controlling cross-platform systems, the school is centrally managing authentication and access control for the Mac-specific Group Policy.

7 Hot Mobile Trends for 2012

Besides the convenience aspect of using your smartphone vs. utilizing your credit card, the integration of location-based services and online coupons alongside Near Field Communications will also motivate users to begin to adopt this technology," said Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify, a provider of security and compliance solutions.

Product of the Week: Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X

Network World
Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X features Active Directory-based authentication, single sign-on, smart card, and Group Policy support for the Apple Mac platform. It offers advanced capabilities for integrating and managing Mac systems to reduce costs and improve security.

2012 Prediction: Centrify

Virtual-Strategy Magazine
My first prediction is that this is another year in which VDI [Virtual Desktop Infrastructure] won't take off and "cross the chasm" in terms of mainstream adoption. ... But I will predict in 2012 that the concept behind of VDI will start to take hold on a different platform: mobile devices. ... [M]obile virtualization will in a few years leap over desktop virtualization and cross that chasm of market acceptance, with 2012 being the year where people are more interested in talking about mobile virtualization than they are about desktop virtualization.

Centrify Improves Active Directory Control Over Mac

Antone Gonsalves, CRN
Centrify has improved its software for integrating Macs with Active Directory, providing channel partners with a better product to sell to customers using Apple computers with Microsoft's software for authentication and policy-based management of PCs and servers. ... In the September quarter, Apple reported a 26 percent jump in sales year over year. As a result, a growing number of employees are asking to use their Macs on corporate networks, which often use Active Directory. DirectConnect provides the Mac with services available to Windows PCs. ... The latest version for the Mac was introduced Tuesday.

Columbia Prep Centralizes Mac Management, Security

Mike Hohenbrink, The Journal
New York-based Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School (Columbia Prep) will be centralizing management and security to address the needs of its growing population of Mac users among students and faculty. Columbia Prep will utilize the Centrify Suite to manage the school's Mac community within Microsoft Active Directory, which provides a central repository for user accounts. The move allows the school to control access and manage user preferences for more than 450 Mac users.

Centrify DirectControl Brings AD Management to Mac OS X

Dave Courbanou, The VarGuy
Centrify, the company behind the cross-platform Active Directory management suite, is at it again with an update to its line of management products for Mac OS X. This time, DirectControl is getting an overhaul and making life a little bit easier for IT admins working with Macs.

Centralized Management of Mac Users

Centrify announced a new release of Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X, a solution for Active Directory-based authentication, single sign-on, smartcard and group policy support for the Mac platform. Newly added features in DirectControl for Mac OS X include support for automated digital certificate enrollment, additional smart card support specific to the U.S. Federal government market, Apple FileVault Full Disk encryption support, printer management, and additional desktop lockdown capabilities.

Centrify updates DirectControl for Mac OS X

MacTech News
Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X is Centrify's solution for Active Directory-based authentication, single sign-on, smartcard and group policy support for the Mac. It offers a set of capabilities for integrating and managing Mac systems with existing enterprise infrastructure to reduce costs and improve security.

Mobility: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

A Contributed article to Enterprise Systems by Tom Kemp, President and CEO of Centrify Corporation
This influx of end users' mobile devices into the workplace, and the corresponding attitude that employees will just go out and buy something that meets their Information Technology ("IT") needs at work, has led to the phenomena known as the "consumerization of IT" and its cousin BYOD ("bring your own device"). This phenomena, in turn, is changing corporate IT and even how companies interact with their customers. Here are key 2011 trends in mobility and offer several predictions on where mobility is going.

Centrify Takes Best Identity Management Platform Award

Mark Rockwell, Government Security News Magazine
Centrify Suite 2012 security and compliance solution that allows central control of access to an organization's information systems took home Government Security News' award for best identity management platform.

Centrify Updates Active Directory Integration Solution

Thor Olavsrud, eSecurityPlanet
Seeking to ease the pain of IT professionals tasked with centralizing identities to cross-platform systems and enabling single sign-on, Centrify Tuesday launched Centrify Express 2012, the latest version of its free solution for integrating Unix, Linux and Mac with Active Directory.

Centrify Ships Updated Free Solution for Integrating UNIX, Linux, and Mac with Active Directory

Centrify Express 2012 includes Centrify Insight 1.1, an application powered by Splunk, delivering out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, and analysis for UNIX and Linux users' identity, authentication, and authorization data.

Centrify Suite 2012 Platform Earns Editors' Best Gold Award in Auditing/Compliance

Windows IT Pro

Centrify Suite 2012 security and compliance solution has earned multiple distinctions in Penton Media's Windows IT Pro magazine annual awards program. Topping the list, Centrify was named the 2011 Editors' Best Gold Award winner in the Auditing/Compliance awards category for Centrify Suite 2012's DirectAudit solution. According to Windows IT Pro, the 2011 Editors' Best Awards are based on a product's strategic importance to market, its competitive advantages, and its value to customers.


Centrify Suite 2012 Platform Earns Community Choice Gold Award

Windows IT Pro
The Centrify Suite 2012 platform has was named as the gold medal winner of the "2011 Community Choice Award" in the Audit/Compliance awards category category by Penton Media's Windows IT Pro magazine.

Centrify Suite 2012 Named as Government Industry's Best Identity Management Platform by Government Security News

Government Security News (GSN)
Government Security News (GSN) named its Centrify Suite 2012 security and compliance solution as the government industry's Best Identity Management Platform in its 2011 Homeland Security Awards program. The annual GSN Homeland Security Awards competition celebrates the ongoing public-private partnership between all branches of Federal, state and local government in the United States; and the private sector vendors of IT security, whose combined efforts successfully defend and protect the nation's people, property and way of life.

Centrify: 2012 in Cloud Computing — Expect More Consumerization and More Security Concerns

A Contributed article to VMblog.com by Tom Kemp, President and CEO of Centrify Corporation
Many IT folks and virtualization and cloud vendors see cloud computing as a logical extension of virtualization technologies, and rightly so. But I have always seen cloud computing just as much as a logical extension of the "consumerization" of Information Technology ("IT") trend that has been sweeping through organizations and corporate IT departments for some time now. So my first prediction for 2012 vis-a-vis the cloud is: Expect more of that same mentality shaping the cloud.

Centrify, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance & Auditing

ChannelLine's Compliance IT Blog
The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002 set strict standards for financial reporting by U.S. public companies. Under the act, corporate executives are held responsible for establishing internal control procedures to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting, and violations are subject to criminal penalties that include fines and jail time. SOX Section 404 mandates an annual assessment by an independent auditor of the effectiveness of a public company's control procedures, and corporate IT departments are usually tasked with managing these audits. Centrify helps IT organizations simplify their SOX auditing requirements with a cost-effective solution that leverages technology already in house: Microsoft Active Directory.

Unified Security Management Is A Must Have When Securing Private And Hybrid Clouds

Frank Ohlhorst, Network Computing
While the cloud makes many things simpler for the end-user, it does increase complexity for the administrator, especially in the case of security. Add in compliance requirements, such as HIPPA, PCI and SOX, and you now have a cloud service that is not only easy to use, but can easily violate security requirements, resulting in fines, or worse yet, the loss of intellectual property and the liability that goes along with it. Centrify is looking to unify security management and provide the tools needed for compliance support, secure access and auditing via their latest iteration of Centrify Suite Products and Modules.

Centrify Supports Server and Cloud Computing for Ubuntu 11.10

Centrify Corporation has announced that its Centrify Suite and Centrify Express now support Ubuntu 11.10 for secure access, privilege management and auditing of Canonical's leading open-source, free software platform. The company also announced that Canonical is distributing Centrify's free Active Directory integration solution, Centrify Express, with Ubuntu 11.10 through its Ubuntu Software Partner Repository.

Consumerization of IT Raises New Security Challenges

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Forbes.com
Much has been written about the "consumerization" of Information Technology ("IT") happening in organizations with end users bringing into work personal devices such as smart phones and tablets and connecting them to the corporate network. This Bring Your Own Device ("BYOD") phenomenon is definitely widespread as one looks around today's conference tables. But consumerization of IT has spread beyond devices with end users and departments also BYO-ing Applications ("BYOA") and BYO-ing Servers ("BYOS"). The net net is this consumerization/BYO trend is altering the economics of enterprise IT by shifting IT assets from outside the firewall to the cloud, and with it a new set of security challenges are emerging.

Centrify Earns FIPS Certification for Government Installs

Dave Courbanou, The Var Guy
Active Directory integration company Centrify, which just released a complete overhaul to its product lineup with Centrify Suite 2012, has gained FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Compliance certification. In plain old English, it means Centrify's lineup complies with security standards needed by government agencies and large enterprises alike.

Centrify Suite 2012 Promises Unmatched Control and Auditing

Calvin Azuri, TMCnet
Centrify Corporation recently announced the general availability of Centrify Suite 2012, their latest release of its security and compliance solution that is being used by around 3,500 organizations currently.

Smart Devices, Dumb Security?

Richard Adhikari, TechNewsWorld.com
Smart devices are popping up everywhere -- the home, the office, even the car. The downside to having smart devices, though, is that they can't discriminate between good and bad commands and will do what any human tells them to, regardless of whether or not that human is their master. This can be a security risk. "Most devices target consumers, and their manufacturers are racing to compete with consumer-oriented features such as integration into social networking services, rather than security features," Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify, told TechNewsWorld.

Centrify Suite 2012 Beefs Up Cross-platform Active Directory Based Management

Centrify Corp. has released Centrify Suite 2012, a new release of its software to centrally control, secure and audit Mac, UNIX, and Linux systems and applications using Active Directory. The new version adds additional enterprise-class capabilities to centralize privilege access management, and audit user session activity for increased security and compliance of cloud and on-premise systems. The suite enables secure authentication, single sign-on, privileged access management and user session auditing.

Centrify Suite 2012 Offers AD-based Access Management

Centrify Corporation is now shipping its 2012 suite of security and access-management solutions for businesses and centralized server operations, which monitor, control and audit cross-platform systems and applications using Active Directory -- bringing those capabilities to UNIX, Linux and Mac environments. The new version improves centralized management of complex UNIX and Linux systems, employs real-time auditing, simplifies replacement of legacy NIS systems and expands platform support.

Centrify Makes AD Management Granular in Centrify Suite 2012

The VAR Guy
Centrify, the one company that looks to rule them all with Active Directory, has officially launched Centrify Suite 2012. The new version promises even better interoperability across Unix, Linux and OS X platforms in addition to new security features that can protect against unscrupulous hackers or users. The VAR Guy spoke to Centrify's Frank Cabri, VP of Marketing, and David McNealy, senior director of Product Marketing, about the launch. Here's the scoop …

Centrify Suite 2012 Controls, Audits User Access to Cloud, On-premise Systems

Enterprise Systems
Centrify Corporation has updated its security and compliance solution. Centrify Suite 2012 delivers new enterprise-class capabilities to centralize privilege access management as well as audit user session activity for increased security and compliance of cloud and on-premise systems. The new features in Centrify Suite 2012 help enterprises centralize identities to cross-platform systems and establish secure, privileged user access across UNIX, Linux, and Mac environments.

Centrify Launches Centrify Suite 2012

Centrify, a security provider, is now offering Centrify Suite 2012, the latest release of its security and compliance product. Centrify Suite 2012 centralizes privilege access management, as well as audits user session activity for increased security and compliance of cloud and on-premise systems.

Products of the Week: Centrify Suite 2012

Network World
Centrify Suite 2012 delivers new capabilities to centralize privilege access management of cross-platform systems and audit user session activity across Windows, Unix and Linux systems for increased security and compliance.

History Lesson on Cross-platform Identity Management

Dave Kearns, Network World
Tom Kemp is the CEO of Centrify, a company which -- at its core -- is about tying other platforms (Unix, Linux Macintosh, etc.) into Active Directory to centralize administration, which Tom refers to as "Active Directory Bridging." He's been practicing this bridging since founding Centrify in 2004.

Centrify Suite 2011: 5 Stars

Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine
"The Centrify Suite provides administrators a way to integrate UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X users into the already existing Active Directory structure for seamless user and policy management across the enterprise. ... Most management can be done natively right in the Active Directory Users and Computers management console on a domain controller, so creating group policy and managing accounts is seamless and comfortable. ...Each of the components to the Centrify Suite has its own quick-start, as well as administrator guide. We find all to be well organized and easy to follow, complete with clear step-by-step instructions and screen shots. ...We find this solution to be an excellent value for the money."

Q&A with David McNeely of Centrify

Virtual-Strategy Magazine
David McNeely, senior director of product management at Centrify, discusses with the leading source for virtualization information news about the Centrify Suite, and how it benefits organization interested in virtualized environments. The Centrify Suite dynamically applies Active Directory-based authentication, access control, privilege management, and auditing to servers running in virtualized and cloud environments.

The Power of Leverage in the Channel

Michael Vizard, ChannelTechNetwork.com
Most IT organizations want to build on whatever they already have in place so when it comes to selling a new technology, solution providers generally have a leg up if they are building on what went before. A good example of this is Centrify Corp., which just picked up an additional $16 million in funding that will be used in part to expand its distribution network.

Security's Inside Jobs

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Forbes.com
The security market was abuzz last week with reports of another "insider threat" incident. This time it was a disgruntled ex-employee of a pharmaceutical company creating chaos at his former employer's firm by logging in from a McDonald's in Georgia and wiping clean 88 mission-critical servers located in the company's New Jersey data center. In the end this highlights a significant new IT security need that analyst groups are calling "superuser privilege management.

22 Essential Mac Tools for IT admins

Ryan Faas, ComputerWorld
Deploying and supporting Macs presents distinct challenges, particularly in organizations where Macs are in the minority or are being introduced for the first time. As with many aspects of IT, having the right tool for the job is the key to managing a new or existing population of Apple desktops and notebooks.

Centrify's Single Sign-on Secures Servers, Scores $16M

Meghan Kelly, VentureBeat.com
Centrify, a company securing on-premise and cloud servers, raised $16 million in their fourth round of funding yesterday, led by Index Ventures. The company provides a single sign-on for access to servers in addition to management solutions. These solutions include the ability to turn off potentially compromised machines, restrict user privileges, and monitor all activity on the servers. "A lot of breaches come from insiders who have the keys to the kingdom. We eliminate the keys to the kingdom," chief executive Tom Kemp told VentureBeat.

Centrify Adds to Coffers with $16 Million Series D Funding

Dave Courbanou, The Var Guy
Centrify, which specializes in integrating Unix, Linux and Mac OS X Systems with Microsoft Active Directory for centralized management, has just secured $16 million in series D funding. Centrify says it has garnered a large amount of business due in part to the ongoing trend of consumerization of IT, which includes the adoption of cloud computing and mobile computing technology.

Centrify: The Next Generation of Identity Management

Mike Volpi, IndexVentures.com
Our crack IT man, Daniel O'Hanlon, was struggling a few months ago. A lot of us at Index had moved over to Macs and iPhones, but he had built Index's entire identity and access management system around Microsoft Active Directory (AD). As is the case with so many IT shops out there, who have adopted Microsoft platforms as the "core" architecture, Daniel was feeling the pain of a changing world. The new IT environment was increasingly heterogeneous, filled with lots of non-Microsoft devices, OSs, and cloud services. Yet, the Microsoft tools – but especially AD – were based on a homogenous world, all Microsoft all the time. Daniel needed a solution which let him protect his core investment in AD, yet let him manage all of the different systems that we kept adding to the Index toy box. He did a bit of research, came up with a few options and settled on the Centrify Suite to manage all of us non-Microsofties.

Centrify Lands $16 Million to Expand Cloud Security Offerings

Mike Lennon, SecurityWeek.com
Centrify Corporation, a provider of Active Directory-focused security and compliance solutions, today announced that it has raised $16 million in a Series D round of financing. The funding announced today brings the total funding raised to date to $52 million. The funding round follows a record year for the Sunnyvale, California based company in terms of revenue and profitability. It plans to use the fresh cash injection to expand distribution of its solutions and to accelerate growth in new areas, including cloud environments.

Centrify Raises $16M, Plans International Expansion

Lisa Sibley, Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal
Centrify Corp. said Wednesday it has raised $16 million in Series D funding, as it plans an international expansion and continued revenue growth. The private, Sunnyvale-based company provides security and compliance technology that helps to centrally control, secure and audit on-premise and cloud-based systems and applications for small, medium and large businesses alike. Centrify has more than 3,500 customers to date. The company's technology enables its customers "do more with less" by using and extending an existing infrastructure called Microsoft Active Directory, said its CEO Tom Kemp.

Get Control Over Your Cross-platform Identity Management Issues

Brian Musthaler, Network World
According to the Gartner 2010 CIO Survey, identity management is the No. 1 IT security priority through 2011. Companies are grappling with increasingly complex and disparate infrastructures and a multitude of new mobile devices accessing enterprise resources on-premise and in the cloud. Managing and controlling privileges and security policy across the increasingly complex identity management landscape is like herding cats. It sure would help to be able to use one consistent toolset to cage these cats and manage all of these identity management issues. This is the market space that Centrify addresses.

Linux on Mainframe, Alive, Kicking and Doing Rather Well

Naysayers who belittle the importance of mainframe technologies in 2011 should perhaps remember that since the start of the decade select companies have all made significant augmentations to their mainframe technology.

Cloud Computing: 4 Tips for Regulatory Compliance

CIO Online
"When an employee leaves the company, what you'd like is to push a button and that person gets de-provisioned from their Windows account and any internal enterprise applications, their mobile phone gets wiped of corporate information, and they're blocked from the company's SaaS applications," says Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify, a provider of identity management and compliance tools. Today, automated de-provisioning can't span both cloud and on-premise systems, he says.

Will OS X Lion roar in the enterprise?

Ryan Faas, Computerworld
As with past releases, it's worth noting that while Apple has done a very solid job with Active Directory support, there are also third-party tools available, including those from ... Centrify ... that offer further AD integration, including client management (more about this in a minute) and DFS browsing. ... Apple has always been big on supporting functions needed by government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense in OS X. The use of smart cards as a two-factor form of authentication is particularly big in these sectors, and OS X has supported the technology for more than a decade. Lion still allows this technology to be used, but deprecates its support. It seems clear that enterprises requiring smart cards will need to rely on third-party companies like ... Centrify ....

The Problems with Passwords

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Secure Thinking blog on Forbes.com
If you factor in the growth in the number of usernames and passwords that existing Internet users have with the huge projected growth in new Internet users, the likely damage caused by lost and stolen passwords may very well follow "Moore's Law" of doubling every few years. We need to step up and admit that we have a password problem.

Sophos, Centrify Ride the Lion with Support for New Mac OS

The Var Guy
What about Active Directory support? You're in luck, because Centrify wants to make it known it supports Mac OS X Lion — good news for all the IT admins who need to make Macs play nice with Microsoft's user management solutions and Windows Group Policy. Like Centrify announcements of past, all the management, security, locking and authentication you've come to know and love is still there. ... This is a win for Centrify and Sophos, it's a win for Apple and it's a win for IT admins and channel partners who now can say "yes" when a customer asks about the Mac platform.

Centrify's Active Directory-Based Security for Lion

Centrify Corporation today announced that its DirectControl for Mac offering supports the just-released Mac OS X Lion operating system with Active Directory-based authentication, access control and Group Policy for users of Apple's latest OS X Lion release. IT administrators can easily manage authentication, authorization and configuration of Mac OS X systems, as well as lock down the user's desktop environment, enabling the Mac to be easily integrated to the most complex Windows environments.

As Hacks Proliferate, New Security Technology Emerges to Monitor Privileged IT Users

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp, Secure Thinking blog on Forbes.com
In his inaugural blog article for Forbes.com, "Secure Thinking," Centrify CEO Tom Kemp discusses the role that new security monitoring systems are playing in addressing both outsider and insider exploits. "One solution that is emerging to this problem," he writes, "is to carefully monitor everything (e.g. every key stroke and every mouse click) that a privileged user does on the network, while also putting more granular limits on what they can do. Basically "trust but verify," with the goal being detecting any anomalies in a privileged user's computing usage (e.g. why is this person downloading the source code at 3 a.m.?). ... Instructive of the value of this new approach is that immediately after its breach, the RSA division of EMC acquired private company Netwitness for a reported large premium. Netwitness is known for analyzing user activity monitoring at the network layer."

Centrify Puts Active Directory Management in the Cloud

Dave Courbanou, Talkin' Cloud
Centrify is taking everything it knows about Active Directory and putting it in the cloud. Its CloudTools offering is designed to provide Active Directory security solutions for Linux cloud-based systems.

Centrify Wins Best ID Management Boardroom Award at 2011 GTRA Council

Government Technology Research Alliance
Centrify received the Best ID Management Boardroom Award at the Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) held in Bedford Springs, Pa. The GTRA Boardroom Award winners were determined by popular vote from attendees, which consisted of more than 100 federal leaders in a variety of technology areas of expertise.

How to Secure Your VMs in the Cloud, Part 1

David Strom, ReadWriteWeb.com
Centrify’s DirectAuthorize has the ability to tie access control roles to particular Active Directory users to make policy deployments easier and more powerful.

Solução permite as plataformas não-Microsoft utlizem os mesmos serviços do Microsoft Active Director

ITWeb.com Brazil
A Centrify Corporation, provedora de soluções de auditoria, controle de acesso e gerenciamento de identidade baseados no Active Directory para plataformas não-Microsoft, anunciou recentemente o lançamento da versão Centrify 2011 da solução de autenticação e controle de acesso baseada no Microsoft Active Directory para mais de 190 versões das plataformas UNIX, Linux e Mac OS X.

Cloud, Mobile Devices Complicate Identity and Access Management, Says Analyst

One company that is providing a way for companies to control access in the cloud environment is Centrify. The company’s identity and access management products enable organizations to control, secure, and audit access to cross-platform systems and applications using Active Directory.

Dossier OS : Interopérabilité d'Unix et Linux avec les architectures Microsoft (3/3)

Sylvain Cortes, itPro.fr
Windows server - dossiers par themes - operating systems - dossier os interoperabilite dunix et linux avec les architectures microsoft 3 3 5403 - la migration depuis nis le vrai challenge des grandes organisations

Centrify Express 2011 - Free Active Directory Bridge Solution

Dan Kusnetzky, ZDNet
Centrify is responding to today's regulatory environment and the fact that the workforce is both increasingly mobile and working in far away places rather than in headquarters. Making it easy to use the organization's ActiveDirectory repository will simplfy the environment and bring a higher level of control and security.

Centrify Offers Free Download of Active Directory Integration Security Product

Centrify Corporation, a security and compliance provider who specializes in systems and applications using Active Directory, has introduced Centrify Express 2011, a new version of its suite of free cross-platform single sign-on and authentication products. According to the company, this is the first free Active Directory Bridge product to enable automated security for Linux cloud servers, as well as reporting identity and privilege management data to Splunk.

Centrify Goes Cloud

Maureen O'Gara, Cloud Computing Journal
Centrify ... extended its Active Directory-based cross-platform security and compliance widgetry to the cloud with the release of Express 2011, a major new version of its suite of free solutions. It promises automated security for Linux cloud servers, reporting identity and privilege management data to both the free or licensed version of Splunk, the operational intelligence solution.

Product of the Week: Centrify Express 2011

Network World
Centrify Express 2011 is the first free Active Directory bridge solution to enable automated security for Linux cloud servers and to report identity and privilege management data to Splunk.

CNN/KLIV 1590 AM Interview with Tom Kemp

Centrify CEO Tom Kemp is interviewed on CNN Radio in San Jose (KLIV 1590 AM)
In this 45 minute interview Kemp discusses the increased security threats corporations are facing and tackles such topics as what initiatives the federal government might also take to combat the growing internet security threat.

Still Learning Lessons

Enterprise Strategy Group
Additionally, IT needs to be more diligent in providing adequate separation of duties for administrative tasks. With the exception of small IT departments there shouldn't be one person that performs all the administrative functions on servers, applications and databases. Companies like Centrify provide a unified platform that allow fine grained access across varying servers, applications and databases. A periodic audit to certify each privileged account's access rights can help raise alerts to suspicious activity, including creating back door accounts.

Centrify Suite 2011 Adds Mac App Store to Group Policies, Improves DNS

Centrify has released Centrify Suite 2011, a new version of the cross-platform Active Directory integration and management tool set. The new version enables IT administrators to disable or control the behavior of the Mac App Store on Mac clients using group policies. It also enhances DNS handling and adds centralized local account management with Deployment Manager 1.2.

Instant Cloud Server Security

David Kearns highlights the new release of Centrify Express 2011. Centrify Express 2011 is a new version of Centrify's FREE Active Directory integration solution for UNIX, Linux and Macs.

New & Improved: Centrify Suite 2011, AppTitude 5.0, Smart Defrag 2, Lenovo ThinkStation, and More

Centrify has announced Centrify Suite 2011, which includes enhanced administration and privilege management for UNIX, Linux, and Mac systems; Group Policy support for GNOME desktops; enterprise-hardened DNS capabilities; and expanded platform support.

Mac Support in an Active Directory Environment

DirectControl offers the simplest and most full-featured Active Directory integration solution for Mac OS X. Because it relies on Active Directory’s group policy architecture, it functions more seamlessly for managing access than does Thursby’s ADmitMac, particularly for systems administrators who are unfamiliar with Mac OS X. Also impressive: It succeeds without modifying the Active Directory schema.

Assessing the Active Directory Scene in 2011 with Centrify

I recently sat down with representatives from Centrify for their take on the future direction of the AD-integration market and how it is evolving.

5 Strategies for Replacing Your Apple Xserves

A standard server running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 can make Xserve migration easy. It can provide a viable alternative to Apple hardware running OS X Server for the provision of these services when it is augmented with third-party software from Centrify.

Quick Recipe for MediaWiki with AD logins

Here's a quick recipe for getting a server up with MediaWiki running and having Active Directory Logins working with it. My friend told me about “Centrify” the other day. It’s a package you can install to help make Active Directory Logins simple.

Mac IT Guy: Access Exchange From Home

PCWorld Business Solution
The Centrify Suite for Mac OS approaches Mac integration with AD from the Windows point of view. It allows Windows administrators to integrate and manage Macs using standard Windows Active Directory management tools. For example, password policies are set via Group Policy Objects (GPOs) instead of by Apple's Managed Client for Mac OS X (MCX) settings. Centrify also helps integrate Macs into environments where smart cards and two-factor authentication are required. Centrify is not free, nor is it cheap, but it does give you a lot of capability for the money, in a way that allows AD administrators to manage Macs without needing a Mac themselves. However, Centrify is not a deployment solution. It works well with other deployment solutions, such as Apple Remote Desktop, LanRev, and Casper. But, in and of itself, it isn't a deployment solution.

The Importance of Isolation

When it comes to PCI compliance, there's no such thing as "too careful." One of the keys to being careful enough? Isolating and protecting servers that handle cardholder data from the rest of your network.

Puppet Module For Centrify Express [Reloaded]

Ninjix's Blog
I've expanded on my previous simple Puppet module for Centrify Express based on the helpful advice I received from David McNeely at Centrify.