Centrify Express for Smart Card 2014

Free Mac Smart Card Support for CAC and PIV Card Users

Enables federal, military and contract employees to access protected websites, VPNs and secured email

Centrify Express for Smart Card is a free, commercially available version of the same enterprise-hardened Centrify for Mac OS X Smart Card Edition in use across federal, defense and first-responder communities that require smart card authentication for CAC, CAC NG, and PIV smart cards. By quickly enabling Macs with smart card authentication, Centrify Express for Smart Card allows federal employees and contractors increased mobility and flexibility to access critical online resources and to send and receive confidential email using their Mac at home or from remote locations. Built and supported by a U.S.-based company headquartered in Silicon Valley, Centrify's free smart card offering is a mature solution backed by robust technical support.

Step 1. Download

Download the installation package (.dmg) below. You will be asked to fill out a simple registration form. Or, if you have a Centrify.com website account, log in now so you can download without registering.


Step 2. Install


You will need to have administrative privileges on your Mac in order to install the software, or you will need the password of a local admin account. Double-click the DMG file, and run the .pkg installation package. When installation finishes, you will see the Centrify Express for Smart Card control panel.

For instructions: See "Installing Centrify Express for Smart Card" in the User Guide.

Step 3. Configure

  1. Open the Keychain utility.
  2. Select File -> Add Keychain.
  3. Navigate to System -> Library -> Keychain -> SystemCACertificate.keychain.
  4. Click the Add button.

For instructions: See "Loading DOD intermediate certificates into the keychain" in the User Guide.

Step 4. Give It a Try!

You're now ready to log in using your smart card reader and smart card. Try visiting a website where you know you have an active and valid account. If you have trouble accessing the site, you want to make sure that the problem is due to your smart card configuration and not your account.


See "Troubleshooting Tips and Other Topics" in the User Guide for information on how to check the certificates on your card, validate certificate trusts, and other issues.


Support for this free offering is provided through our online community, where you can ask questions and trade tips with Centrify staff and fellow Centrify Express for Smart Card users.

Centrify Express for Smart Card

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