Centrify Express 2014

Centrify CloudTools

Centrify CloudTools are an integrated collection of free tools that let organizations dynamically apply Active Directory-based authentication and access control to Linux systems running within cloud hosting providers such as Amazon EC2 and the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. Used in conjunction with the Centrify Suite or Centrify Express, Centrify CloudTools enable an enterprise-out approach that establishes Active Directory as the center of trust between enterprise and cloud servers, whether private or hosted, to make them as secure and compliant as those in an on-premise data center.

See our white paper, Enforcing Enterprise-Out Security for Cloud Servers, for a full an overview of Centrify's solution for dynamically extending an organization's existing enterprise security infrastructure out to cloud-based UNIX and Linux systems.

The Centrify CloudTools are provided without additional charge. Support is available on the Centrify CloudTools Community, where you can exchange best practice advice with Centrify staff and other CloudTools users.

Using Centrify DirectManage Express, you can automatically discover existing cloud servers and deploy the Centrify DirectControl Express agent to them yourself. Centrify CloudTools also include these packaged solutions that are preconfigured to dynamically secure cloud systems by joining them to your Active Directory infrastructure:

These Linux machine images have DirectControl Express already installed and are pre-configured for automatic lock down at the moment when they are launched.

These scripts can be used with RightScale ServerTemplates to automate installing Centrify Express on a cloud server instance and dynamically joining it to Active Directory.