Cloud-based Servers

Organizations moving their IT resources to the cloud are finding it a challenge to maintain the same security posture in their virtual environments that they have adopted in their physical data centers. Cloud platforms like VMware vCloud and Amazon EC2 enable the quick and easy creation of servers in response to end-user demand. In such dynamic environments, IT security and compliance managers need an automated method for consistently provisioning user accounts and privileges and enforcing system security policies. Other unique challenges include: isolating groups of servers for compliance reasons, protecting data as it moves across the public network, and auditing user activity on off-premise, virtual systems.

Join our panel of experts for an informative webinar to learn how to consistently apply security policies in dynamic cloud environments. You’ll learn how your organization can benefit from linking all access rights, privileges, and audit logs to a single, definitive Active Directory identity that spans the cloud and the physical data center.

The panel will answer your questions at the conclusion of the program.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure, knowledge and processes to manage on-premise and cloud systems
  • Apply role-based access and privilege control (RBAC) on dynamically-provisioned cloud servers
  • Achieve infinite scalability with host-based, peer-to-peer network security (IPsec transport mode)
  • Monitor and audit user activity on sensitive systems
  • Enable single sign-on to vCloud and EC2 systems and applications

The webinar is for:

  • IT security managers concerned about the security of their cloud environments
  • IT staff looking for a better understanding of the challenges presented by the cloud and the solutions to address them
  • Compliance managers concerned about how the cloud paradigm impacts their risk exposure

Featured Speakers

Bob Tarzey

Bob Tarzey

Service Director, Quocirca Ltd.

Bob Tarzey is an Analyst and Director at Quocirca Ltd., a research and analysis company with a primary focus on the European market. Bob’s expertise is IT security, network computing, and content and systems management. He is a leading authority on cloud security issues, and has authored numerous studies and articles covering the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) space. Bob writes regular analytical columns and blogs for Computing, Computer Weekly, Info Security Advisor, and Computer Reseller News. He has also written for The Times, Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph, and provides comment for the European IT and business press.

David McNeely

David McNeely

Centrify Director of Product Management

David McNeely is a Director of Product Management at Centrify, and works with customers to drive the roadmap for Centrify's award-winning identity and access management solutions. David has worked in the identity and access management market for over 16 years, holding various product marketing and management positions at ActiveIdentity, AOL, iPlanet and Netscape. At Netscape and iPlanet he was the director of product management for the Directory and Security product line, where he first promoted the concept of a centralized directory for all identity and access management.