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Cloud-based Servers: Getting Security and Compliance Right the First Time

Enforcing Consistent Security Policies in Dynamic Cloud Environments

Everyday, more and more of your users are adopting Macs as their platform of choice, fully expecting support equal to their Windows counterparts. You wish it were that simple. Compatibility of file and print services, and client configuration and management are just some of the challenges you must overcome. Perhaps the most complex challenge is making CAC, PIV, and .NET smart cards work when you need to meet strict security guidelines or are subject to HSPD-12, which mandates two-factor authentication for workstations in Federal agencies and those doing business with them.

Join David McNeely, Centrify Director of Product Management, for this complimentary webinar where he'll describe how easy it is to integrate Macs with smart cards into an Active Directory domain. Best of all, he'll discuss how to do this using the resources you already have - saving you time, money, and headaches.

Topics Covered

  • The advantages of centralizing identity and access management on Active Directory in heterogeneous environments
  • How central enforcement of smart card login policies for users of Mac systems improves your security posture
  • The security improvements, cost savings, and administrative efficiencies that come from using the legacy directory
  • Centrify's compatibility with Common Access Cards (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards, and other cards that support the Apple TokenD interface (e.g., Gemalto's .NET smart card)

Featured Speaker


David McNeely
Director of Product Management, Centrify Corporation

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