On-Demand Webinar: Featuring Perry Carpenter, Gartner Security and Privacy Expert

Centrify Expert Webinar Series

Strengthen IT Security and Enhance Compliance by Leveraging Microsoft Active Directory for Cross-Platform Identity and Access Management

Perry Carpenter

Accountability is the cornerstone of secure and compliant IT environments. Organizations that cannot definitively link individual users' access to and activity on key systems risk security breaches or audit failures. The continuing spread of Linux, UNIX and Mac systems across the enterprise has increased the complexity and risk that IT organizations must manage given that UNIX/Linux identities may be managed system by system or with multiple directories. Many organizations are re-evaluating their identity and access management approaches.

This webinar series features Gartner Analyst Perry Carpenter, who outlines best practices in identity and access management, and discusses the role Active Directory can play in centrally managing non-Windows systems and streamlining IT operations. The series also features Centrify solution experts who discuss and demonstrate how Centrify's solutions are used to integrate heterogeneous systems with Active Directory to achieve significant security and compliance benefits.

Beyond Logging
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Beyond Authentication
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Simplified SSO for Web and ERP
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Addressing Security and Compliance with Detailed Audit Trails Linked to Active Directory
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Utilizing Active Directory for Robust Access Control and Authorization for UNIX, Linux and Mac
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Leveraging Active Directory-Based Single Sign-On to Address Security and Compliance for Web and Enterprise Applications
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Beyond Logging:
Addressing Security and Compliance with
Detailed Audit Trails Linked to Active Directory
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Today's demanding government and industry regulations require organizations to prove the effectiveness of their authorization and access controls. Capturing login events is not sufficient. Capturing keystrokes is not sufficient. To be compliant (and avoid fines, loss of market trust, and more), auditing solutions must go beyond conventional logging practices. Who does what on which systems must be tracked, and the results of unauthorized actions must be known. Linking UNIX and Linux activity to individual users has always proved difficult. Typically, numerous administrators share root logins, service accounts, or other user IDs. Such conditions are cumbersome to manage, and make it difficult to prove to auditors that your processes are solid.

Join this event to learn about best practices in cross-platform auditing and compliance, and how Centrify's Active Directory-centric solution, DirectAudit, addresses these important issues.

Perry Carpenter, Gartner Analyst will outline:
  • Critical features security solutions must have to address best practices for cross-platform environments, including UNIX and Linux systems.
  • The best ways to consistently comply with numerous regulatory requirements like PCI, SOX, CobiT, GLBA, Basel II, and HIPAA (among many others).
  • The advantages of definitively tying audit trails to specific Active Directory identities.

David McNeely, Centrify Director of Product Management will discuss:
  • DirectAudit's ability to go beyond log aggregation and actually audit user session activity across heterogeneous systems.
  • DirectAudit's comprehensive logging capabilities that link individual unix login session activities to the actual AD Person responsible for the actions.
  • The diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities of DirectAudit, including the ability to replay and report on user activity (keystrokes as well as session output) to identify changes to key resources.
  • How DirectAudit helps prevent insider attacks through a central, real-time view of who has access to critical UNIX/Linux systems, and what they are doing.

You will also receive a complimentary white paper about improving security and compliance with Active Directory by establishing detailed user audit trails.

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Beyond Authentication:
Using Centrify DirectAuthorize for Fine-Grained Access Control and Privilege Management on UNIX & Linux
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Centralizing the authentication of UNIX and Linux systems is a necessary first step to securing your cross-platform environment. However, it's not sufficient to verify who is logging in. You also need to define, based on their job role, how these users log in, when, and what they can do.

It's a complex task to establish the required global view of individual accountability in cross-platform environments. Locally managing access controls, authentication and authorization is burdensome, unscalable and ultimately inadequate to meet the requirements of PCI, SOX and other compliance audits. What's the best approach to this challenge?

Join this event to learn why setting access controls and authorizations centrally from Active Directory accounts is a simple, cost-effective, and highly reliable method of addressing IT security best practices and regulatory compliance.

Perry Carpenter, Gartner Analyst will explain:
  • What to consider when choosing a solution designed to manage access controls and authorizations within UNIX and Linux environments.
  • The importance of tightening the traditionally lax controls over root accounts, service accounts and privileged commands.
  • The benefits of centrally managing access controls and authorizations leveraging the user identities already stored in Active Directory.

David McNeely, Centrify Director of Product Management will cover:
  • Centrify DirectAuthorize's ability to provide centralized, role-based access control and privilege management for fine-grained user access on UNIX, Linux and Mac systems.
  • How DirectAuthorize enables you to grant users the right to execute commands with elevated privileges, eliminating the need for access to root accounts and passwords.
  • DirectAuthorize's unique Restricted Environment feature, which lets you limit users to a specific "whitelist" of approved commands.

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Simplified SSO for Web and ERP:
Leveraging Active Directory-Based Single Sign-On
to Address Security and Compliance for Web and Enterprise Applications
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End-user access to web-based and enterprise applications like SAP is an area fraught with risk for organizations with complex, cross-platform environments. While the Active Directory account of an exiting employee may be de-provisioned quickly to cut off access to email and VPN, entitlements to intranets, HR or finance applications, partner portals, and other applications may not be disabled for hours, days — or ever. In addition, end-users are often frustrated trying to manage multiple accounts and passwords, helpdesk resources are drained doing account resets.

Join this event to gain a better understanding of the advantages of implementing web and enterprise application single sign-on. Learn why tying entitlements to web, enterprise and B2B applications to Active Directory accounts is a simple, cost-effective, and highly reliable method of addressing IT security best practices and regulatory compliance.

Perry Carpenter, Gartner Analyst will examine:
  • The security drivers and business challenges associated with managing entitlements for web and enterprise applications in large, heterogeneous environments.
  • How application access must be managed to meet regulatory requirements and conform to best security practices.
  • The important role Active Directory can play as the central identity store in complex, cross-platform environments.

Corey Williams, Centrify Director of Product Management will describe:
  • Centrify DirectControl's Kerberos/LDAP support for intranet single sign-on, and ADFS/SAML support for extranet single sign-on.
  • How DirectControl leverages Active Directory infrastructure to support web application platforms such as Apache, WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss, and ERP apps like SAP.
  • The benefits of centrally managing and enforcing passwords and policies that enable single sign-on, including increased end-user satisfaction and reduced helpdesk incidents.
  • How DirectControl provides a cost-effective solution to identity federation in partner ecosystems.

You will also receive two complimentary white papers. One covers SSO and Federation for Java/Web. The other covers SAP SSO on UNIX/Linux.

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