Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition

Why Centrify

High Fidelity, Efficient Session Capture and Replay

Most logging tools are system- and application-centric, simply rolling up higher-level events and notifications; they do not show you what users actually did or attempted to do. Or they may indicate that users edited a file, but do not show what changes those users made. DirectAudit lets you visually replay any user session on any audited system to see exactly what specific users did: the commands executed, the changes made to key files and data, and the results. In addition, other auditing products can only support a historical view of system activity.

In contrast, the Centrify DirectAudit component of the Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, gives you a real-time, at-a-glance view of activity across Windows, UNIX and Linux. For each session you can see who is logged on, and you can immediately drill down to see what they are currently doing.

Highly Scalable and Reliable, with Minimal Administrative Resources

  • Scalability. Multiple, load-balanced DirectAudit Collectors and Audit Stores can gather data from a large number of audited systems. A central SQL Audit Server acts as a large-scale data repository.
  • Reliability. DirectAudit continues to collect all audit data on a remote system if the network goes down and subsequently forwards it to the DirectAudit Collector when the network is back up.
  • Security. Audit data traffic is is communicated in an authenticated and encrypted format.
  • Cross-Platform. Centrify DirectAudit is the only solution on the market for monitoring privileged user activity on Window, Linux and UNIX.

Non-intrusive, Granular Role-Based Access to Sensitive Session Data

  • Granular Audit Roles. DirectAudit's flexible, role-based access controls allow you to define the types of sessions that different IT auditor roles can search and replay.
  • Policy-Based Auditing. You can configure DirectAudit to trigger auditing sessions for specific users, computers or roles. DirectAudit policies can be set within a Centrify Global Zone or Child Zone, enabling secure delegation of audit policy settings.

  • Nonintrusive. DirectAudit requires low local system overhead and is non-intrusive for end-users.
  • Agent-Based. DirectAudit is not a proxy or gateway solution, but audits activity locally on each system and securely rolls auditing data into a central repository. This further ensures that users are not able to circumvent user session auditing.
  • Non-Proprietary Data Storage. DirectAudit uses a modern SQL Server database. This means you can easily report and search on all session data using the DirectAudit Console or third-party reporting tools. Archiving and purging session data is also easy as well.
  • Ad Hoc Querying and Reporting. DirectAudit not only provides out-of-the-box views of user sessions, but also lets you perform a full-text search for specific keywords. Mining key audit and system availability data is as easy as searching the Internet.

Part of an Integrated Solution for Unified Identity Management

The Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, is part of the Centrify Server Suite, which secures the industry's broadest range of mission-critical servers from identity-related insider risks and outsider attacks and makes security and regulatory compliance repeatable and sustainable. Our solution leverages your existing Active Directory infrastructure to centrally manage authentication, access control, privileged identity management, policy enforcement and compliance across on-premise and cloud. In addition, our patented Zone technology accelerates deployment and provides unique, granular access controls. And yet, Centrify's solution is non-intrusive: no schema extensions, no software on domain controllers.