Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition

Detailed Auditing of Privileged User Sessions on Windows, Linux and UNIX Systems

Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, delivers unique session auditing, video session replay, and comprehensive searching capabilities combined with identity consolidation and privileged access management

Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition's DirectAudit feature set delivers detailed capture of privileged user activity, establishes accountability and streamlines regulatory compliance reporting by recording which users accessed which systems, what commands they executed, with what privilege, and the exact changes they made to key files and configurations. With Centrify's award-winning Server Suite Enterprise Edition, enterprises can report on historical user activity, pinpoint suspicious activity through real-time monitoring, and troubleshoot system failures by replaying actions for root-cause analysis. To learn more about Server Suite Enterprise Edition:

Five-Minute Demos

Centrify Server Suite – Overview

In this demo you'll see how Centrify Server Suite's ability to consolidate identities enables you to centrally control access and privileges across your Windows, Linux and UNIX servers.


Centrify Server Suite – Control Privileges and Audit Activity

In this demo you'll see how Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, helps you centrally control and manage privileged access to Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers, and gives you visibility across user privileges and activity.