Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition

How It Works

The Centrify DirectAudit component of the Centrify Server Suite, Enterprise Edition, is designed in a modular fashion for enterprise-class scalability.

DirectAudit Agent

A system agent that runs on a wide range of Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems efficiently captures user activity and session output. This captured data is securely streamed to a DirectAudit Collector for processing. The DirectAudit Agent requires minimal system resources and supports offline capture spooling for unparalleled reliability.

DirectAudit Collector

Executing as a Windows service to collect, compress and save to Audit Store, the Collector can handle dozens of users and hundreds of servers. Multiple Collectors can be deployed to provide load balancing and failover. New Collectors can be added on the fly with automatic configuration and discovery and no downtime.

Audit Store

Designed to provide massive scalability and efficient use of network resources, Audit Stores help scale session databases to multiple instances on separate hosts. Audit Stores also provide automated or manual archiving and deleting of sessions with push button simplicity. Audit Stores run on Microsoft SQL Server, and have successfully completed compatibility testing for SQL Server 2012.

Audit Server

Audit Servers provide central management and enforcement of Audit Roles and execution of distributed queries across the Audit Stores. Audit Servers also centrally control, monitor and report on Audit Stores, Smart Collectors and audited systems.

Audit Analyzer and DirectManage Audit Manager

Easy to learn and use, Windows-based consoles provide search and replay of user activity and sessions as well as a central management console. The Audit Analyzer seamlessly executes distributed auditor queries through a powerful query search or via ad-hoc, Google-style text queries. The Audit Analyzer also launches an elegant combination session replayer with support for session playback, navigation and export. The Audit Manager provides central control and status of agents, collectors and stores. Additionally, the Audit Manager allows a manager to define and assign granular audit roles for limiting visibility and access to user session search and replay.