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Centrify Milestones: 1,000 Customers and our 5th Year Birthday

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Over the last few weeks we hit a number of major company milestones which I wanted to share with you. These milestones include our 5th year anniversary, a successful quarter sales-wise, and Centrify procuring our 1000th customer.

The first milestone occurred on March 19th which represents our 5th anniversary as a company. Many ideas and startups in the software industry don't get funded let alone thrive and prosper in their fifth year. It is interesting for me personally to go some of the annual CEO events that our venture capital investors host for their respective portfolio companies and it seems at each one of these events that there are fewer of the "Class of 2004" still alive and kicking. Now some had great exits but, as expected like other ventures outside the tech space, some have gone out of business or had so-so exits, while others are trying to restart themselves (sometimes multiple times). Who knows what Centrify's fate will be; our mantra is to continue to be heads down executing upon our central goal of building value in our company and products, for the sake of not only for our investors and employees but also our customers.

The second milestone occurred on March 31st, where we successfully hit our quarterly financial targets. Calendar Q1 has always been more difficult for software companies due to seasonality. Some customers are still working on their budgets and/or digesting the products they bought in the December quarter. This quarter was expected by everyone in the industry to be even tougher given today's economic climate. We are buoyed by this success, and who knows, maybe Centrify hitting its numbers (on the heels of having our best quarter in December) may be one small data point that backs up that security is somewhat recession-proof. At the same time we fully understand that the economy will continue to be choppy for the foreseeable future, so we are definitely not resting on any laurels (i.e. our mantra internally is also "what have you done for me lately?") and we will continue to outperform and work hard to earn business with new and existing customers.

And finally, on March 31st we also hit a very significant milestone in that we passed the 1,000 customer mark. We are proud to say that no other vendor in this space of extending Active Directory across heterogeneous environments has as many customers as Centrify, nor does any other vendor match us with our penetration of the Fortune 50. The net net is we have worked hard to become the market leader in our fast-growing space, and I would like to thank our great employees for making that happen, and a special thanks to our customers for investing in us. Elvis Presley's 9th album was entitled "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong", and I would like to think that "1,000 Centrify Customers Can't Be Wrong" either.

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